Some ground rules.

These are set and enforced by the moderators.

  1. Don't use racist, sexist, transphobic or homophobic language; or any language that is offensive or abusive and directed towards groups or individuals.
  2. Don't promote hate speech, hate groups, "fake news" or anything illegal (under UK and EU law, but this rule will typically extend beyond these borders). ANY form of extremism will not be tolerated.
  3. Don't threaten, abuse, stalk or harass members of this instance, any other Mastodon instance or anyone on other social media sites or the Internet-at-large.
  4. Don't solicit or provide medical (or legal) advice. Asking for support is fine. Giving support is fine and in fact, encouraged. Talking about general health issues is also fine.
  5. Don't share your account with anyone or sockpuppet multiple accounts without good reason.
  6. Please use the CW function when discussing anything that could be a trigger for someone else, such as your experiences of trauma, self-harm or suicide. Also use discretion when posting sensitive content.
  7. No sign-ups by businesses, for-profits or other corporations please. We're a small instance, built by people, for people. The one exception is mental health charities and other such organisations.