@chezurl1983 Watch "A Course in Miracles - Money – David Hoffmeister ACIM" on YouTube youtu.be/JuSSkNBeX-A

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are you an internet user? do you feel like a giant noob in terms of security habits, practices and software? would you like to make your communications a bit more difficult to barge into, perhaps protect some files specially well?

i'm offering free practical infosec guides for newbies, not very technical stuff that can be used day-to-day along with an assesment of what you might need.

:boost_ok: I'm desperately looking to help out, so seriously, hit me up if you're interested.

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Job offer, brighton uk, boost ok 

Anyone looking for a security job in brighton.
Entry level and/or with a apprenticeship?

Nobody likes being bored, but what happens when we 'unpack" boredom ?
Boredom appears as a feeling. We give the feeling a label ("Boredom")
It's an unwanted feeling, so we usually try to do something to get rid of it - as we do with most unwanted feelings.

Try this:

Close your eyes, and drop the label "boredom". It might help to visualise the word framed on a wall.

Then feel the remaining feeling and sit with it as best you can. Witho

Hi. Changing instance - partly because the main one has been down for 24 hours!

My main instance has been down for about 24 hours. Is it a sign to move on?

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Hey UK Tooters, how easy/hard is it to get an adult referral and ADHD diagnoses on the NHS? Asking for a Tess :P

Meditation Sessions online with me on Wednesdays. Only £4 but no one turned away on the grounds that they cannot pay.


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