day 36: boy oh boy have I slacked on this! I was never good at keeping diaries as a kid

Every day has been basically like this: get up - go to work - come home - couch potato

@smukeofsmork I'd suggest that something light (even if it's simple self-care like a nice bath) instead of couch potato time is the way to go.

I do it myself: flop and then feel angry at myself for flopping and doing nothing, night after night. Anything that is valuable to you that you can fit into that time and that isn't costly in energy expenditure might help you get over that (perfectly-reasonable-as-you've-started-a-new-job) low energy slump.

I won't be playing the blame game since I'm only 2 weeks in, but I know I have to start changing my evening routine soon or this is all going to stick. I used to fall asleep to tv shows, now it's audio books. I'm slowly reducing the stimuli one day at a time...

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