You have every opportunity to do the right thing. You choose not to. Every time.

You make death look good, because then you're not there.

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I used to hope that people would solve more problems than they create. I used to hope that my world was a good place to raise kids.

I wanted to live in a world where we do the right things for the right reasons, and anything beyond that is left to freedom. And while sometimes we establish best practices, we don't always follow them.

You took what I cared about and killed it. Now, we will all get what we deserve, and it is your children who will pay the price.

Oh well.

The future is now.

It only took a viral pandemic and impending climate disaster, but it's finally here (kind of)! The personal jetpack is now a thing.

Waiting for the nuclear power option, but my eyes are open to the possibilities.

Everyone whose opinion I value say the same thing: unless we stop, the cost is death.

So why can't you stop?

Why can't you see the value in doing nothing?

Why must your response to a problem be "do something, ANYTHING"?

The problem is you. You are why we are ALL losing EVERYTHING slowly.

Things were going just fine for 60+ million years, and then you managed to kill us all in decades.

You wonder why people don't want children? Because being born into a world with you is a prison sentence.

It's nice to know that freedom allows me to carefully consider all sides of an issue, and democracy allows me to cast my vote for what I believe is right. The downside is that the hordes of willfully stupid also get votes, and we end up getting whatever option is the most emotionally appealing.

Keep sucking life out of the world you worthless fuck sticks, and don't forget to pay your taxes.


The amount Elon Musk just paid for Twitter ($44 billion) is nearly equal to Biden’s proposed climate budget ($44.9 billion), in case anyone's wondering how seriously we’re taking the climate crisis


I don't understand why so many people choose to support the causes that ultimately lead to their own downfall.

When you are forced to compete, you see yourself as something other than one part of a larger whole.

Capitalism is competition, and there's money in blood.

The majority of people have accepted that the world is a brutal, hostile environment to be tamed and exploited, in perpetuity and ever cheaper, until it breaks and we get a new one.

How much do I need to save to buy a new Earth?

Pascal's Wager: Climate Change Edition

-Humans are causing climate change.
-Climate change will destroy humans.

If both premises are false, then there's no problem.

If the first premise is true but the second is false, then what we do doesn't matter.

If the first premise is false but the second is true then it's not our fault, and it's a different problem.

But if both of these are true, then we are incapable of avoiding climate change, and we deserve whatever happens to us.


Sleep 8 hours every night, work "full time" 40 hours per week.


What is a third of your waking life worth in trade?

If your answer is not outrageously high, why not?

If it is, why are you willing to work for less? Does it mean you don't value your time (or self)?

Do you think everyone should have a job to do? What is their life worth to you?


Hi. I'm new here.

Consider this my therapy account.

I feel out of place and alone, and I'm having trouble seeing that as anything other than a logical reaction to my world as a hostile environment. I am denied what I need and value while being coerced into supporting my abuse. This makes me look forward to death, and the things that crush my hope are only getting worse.

I'm not sure if I'm looking for help or just to vent because it's hopeless to change.


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