Be the change you want to see .....

Starting a is easy - a few clicks. But maintaining it will be hard.
It would need to have the right tone and be moderated to keep that.
It would need rules about what cannot be discussed / shown.
But it would need to be welcoming and safe for us - people with mental health issues.

I'd like to start one but I can't do this on my own.

Interested in helping? Or if you want to take the lead I'm happy to join.

@bpd I do not use Discord (yet?). I did Google it but I do not think I get it. Sorry if my questions are ignorant.

What would this be? A group voice chat about mental health? Or a text chat? What would using it be like?

I am definitely in favor of a place, like I think this one is, that is mostly used by adults. Some of my mental health issues first appeared in very dark times that I do not want to inflict on young people who have not met the Awful yet.

@plasma Discord is text chat mainly. Started as a gaming chat thing but has widened to many topics. Ever used IRC? It's like IRC but with gifs.
I've not yet found a mental health one, but there'sa decent over 30's one. It's mainly active in US time - if you dowload Discord I'll send you a link?

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A safe, social, virtual space for anyone interested in mental health and its issues. Whether you're a service user, someone with lived or living experience or a mental health professional, feel free to join, hang out and chat about anything.