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Pretty happy with the updated design for the layout of my . A bit more spacing, encouraging me to tighten up the text, and crisper lines.

Trying to push past recent events and get back into writing by staring at my rulebook and playing the cheeseball Gerard Butler sci-fi movie "Gamer" in the background. 😆

I am so excited to announce my next game!

World Ending Game is a tabletop game written to serve as the last session of a campaign in any system.

Borrowing from conventions of cinema, World Ending Game tells falling action stories. It explores what comes right after the climactic event in your story- and what you need to see to believe that it's all, finally, over.

World Ending Game is about closure, grief, joy, relief, and getting to say a proper goodbye.

Preorder at


I lost my dad last week. It's only just setting in as a "thing". It was sudden and unexpected, which I think is where the shock lay. I don't really want to talk about details publicly. It's been hard on my mum, my brothers and me. But we're managing. This changes a lot as well, not least of all because I'm now responsible for a very large, mature garden of flowers, fruit and vegetables. 😂

So, do me a favour and hug someone close to you. Life is precious and shorter than we think. ✌🏻❤️

Why are Mood Octopi either happy or angry? I can't seem to find happy/sad or anything other than happy/fucking furious. Odd.

Got into an argument with a Nazi prick on Reddit yesterday. I didn't even focus on the right-wing dogwhistling and transphobia (though others did), just their utter ignorance of mental health (all disorders are the same, because of the word disorder; ergo, I'll conflate psychopathy with ASD, for one). It left a bad taste in my mouth, even though I reported and blocked the fucknuckle.

Woke to find them banned this morning. So that was a pleasant start to the day.

Goooood morning, fediverse! 😆

My butt 

134 litres of water storage and planters fed by capillary action. Yeah baby.

Strimmed all the grassy overgrowth back (and chucked it in a second pile ready for hot composting), planned and staked out an area for a new bed and garden swing, and put a couple of rows of carrot seeds in. Plug plants are arriving this week so it's going to be a busy one. Time to feed the worms before diving into a hot bath!

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Why Iove living in the North of England. Quick short cut back through the fields after popping in to see my parents.

Had lunch at the garden centre. Returned with 2x Scotch Bonnet, 3x Hinnonmaki Red Gooseberry bushes, some Rosemary, an Astrantia, a Sambucus and a huge Choisya. 😂

Eeek. Playtesting and Session Zero today for Perihelion. Stacks of character sheets, notepaper, giant bag of D10s, pencils, printed rulebook, Deezer playlist downloaded and nibbles all packed. Nervous!

Now what have I forgotten...

And the winner is… Ukraine!

Congratulations to the Kalush Orchestra for their emotive winning song ‘Stefania’, which captured the hearts of Europeans tonight.

Europe stands with you tonight and always.

#Eurovision #StandWithUkraine

I usually despise but having it playing in the background this evening has been pleasant. Probably because something...something... unity and positivity during a geopolitical shit-show... something.

It's still a trippy pile of psychedelic nonsense, though.

Finished my first playthrough of Citizen Sleeper. That was really enjoyable. Great writing, lovely art and music, and the RPG mechanics (clocks and dice pool) worked really well. Highly recommended if you want to immerse yourself in a deep, character-driven, cyberpunk/posthuman narrative RPG.

Ordered plug plants for the next 12 months, supplementing what we're growing from seed. The season is well underway. Our strawberries are growing WAY too fast in this warm, wet UK weather. Onions and garlic are doing well. We have spuds planted out and a dozen tomato plants I'm acclimatising slowly.

Snuck some lemongrass, habaneros and cayenne into the order as well. We have shelves of pickles still from last year, so I think this year I'm going to make lots of chilli jam.

217 incomplete pages off to the printers. TODOs, spelling mistakes, blank pages and all. I'll treat it as an exercise in imperfection.

Rough breakdown (excl. padding):

- 64 pages for the rulebook introduction, basic world setting and background, and character creation
- 100 pages for rules (everything from core mechanics through combat to hacking and AI)
- 33 pages of gear and toys

The fluff is still being written.

Playtesting starts this weekend!

Covered in bitumen and hoping that the (second attempt at a) summer house roof I just finished putting on is going to survive the night.

The felt is nailed in with 15mm clout nails and stuck on with bitumen, blood, pain and anger, so it fucking better. I'll get some battens tomorrow.

@Jo weeded and bedded in the spuds I've been chitting for the last six weeks. All in all, a productive day.

Staying away from feathers until I can get in the bath for a soak. 😂

I've been doing a journal of my Elden Ring playthrough. Not going to post all the previous pages (they're all on twitter), but will start posting the new pages here as I complete them. Here are the latest two pages.

>>> Day 1351, 03:54

Nomad #647 logging in. I've just entered a new planet's orbit. I'm going to name this one Abori IV. So far, the atmosphere seems OK, but I'll need to land to collect more data.

#BreathlessJam #NomadicRPG

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