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Received a random invite to ("jump the beta queue, we reserved your username") as a replacement to since I burned my account after the Zoom acquisition.

Anyone know anything about it?


The Satanic Temple ritualises abortions, thus ensuring that they and the rights of the individual are protected in the US under the Religious Freedom Restoration Acts. The ritual essentially involves affirming that compassion is essential and one's own body is inviolable. Awesome group of folks.


I shit you not, I set up a Twitter account yesterday to start getting some visibility for my , followed a bunch of reputable game designers and writers I know, and the first thing I see when I open it this morning is a genuine, overt, in-your-face Nazi fuck preaching free speech and tolerance for the intolerant.

This is why I quit Twitter in the first place. Fuck me. At least its cemented my decision to put a foreword in the rulebook about gender, politics and inclusivity. Fuck all Nazis.

Pet peeve of the day: not understanding what a depressant is and authoritatively stating to others that it means that it makes you depressed.

Yes, alcohol is a depressant. Yes, depression can be comorbid with alcohol abuse. But...

Virgin Media catch up appears to have a small selection of episodes of Robin of Sherwood available, including the fantastic Swords of Wayland two-parter. Gives me an excuse to introduce youngest to a series that shaped me significantly when I was younger. ๐Ÿ™

Three huge bin bags full of crap chucked in the skip on the drive as a part of the ongoing purge and life improvement. Cleared out an old toybox (now knitting storage box) and emptied all the crap from the Welsh dresser, before polishing plates and stuff and putting them back like a grown up. Slow and steady improvements.

I wish the weather would improve though, so I can Glyphosate the fuck out of everything green, ready to start again.


Snap. That is the sound of my core mechanic, core loop and theme suddenly all clicking into place nicely. I might even get this one published (for the first time in 35 years of writing games). Playtesting soon!

I've been polishing the combat rules for my Georgian/Victorian 'punk RPG. So I'm treating myself to some bloody, bastard, buggering Sharpe!

Seriously, fuck Java. Such a frustrating language (though I am working with a legacy API that is really badly written).

Day 16 . I'm not finding it particularly challenging so far. Differences this time:

โญ Cut out caffeine at the same time and have been drinking green tea instead.

โญ Focusing inwardly on myself and my feelings.

โญ A fantastic support network via a sobriety app that encourages...

โญ ...pledging to take it one day at a time.

โญ Acknowledging alcohol and myself are a problem, a coping strategy and have been for a long time.

Everything feels net positive. This is a good place to be. ๐Ÿ™

Coronavirus (poll for people in England) 

In England, from this Friday 24th July shoppers will be required to wear masks in shops, but staff will not.

People living or shopping in England, what are your plans regarding shops where staff are *not* wearing masks?

[ #coronavirus #COVID19 #poll ]

Happy birthday mate. Enjoy it, it only gets better in your 40s. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Everybody trying to figure this out, but only a few voices asking the real question.

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I'm loving . Seeing all these rich, capitalist shitbags get hacked and jacked in real time is funny as fuck. It's gotta be a 0day or compromised admin account. SigRed even maybe? Dunno?

Just realised, I never @ the person I was replying to into this. I'm a daft'un sometimes.

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Early morning editing. Change the words "quick start" into "playtest" for my abridged RPG document. As it certainly isn't turning out to be a 32-page quick introduction to the game.

It is turning out to be a productive process however. Refining concepts and simplifying things. It's also fun.

Going dry. One day at a time. Day four and up at 5.30am to do some writing. Why do I always forget that this is one of the benefits of not drinking. Or more accurately, one of the problems of drinking is NOT having the energy or focus to get up early and write or do other things. My goal is to beat my previous record of 18 months without booze (and hopefully, carry on after that).

Can anyone point me towards research on 'ritual' and 'online spaces'? How can 'ritual', usually tied with spectacle, performance, and physical presence in a group, be facilitated through online space/s, where bodies are not physically in the same space?

Any ideas, thoughts, pointers to essays or books greatly appreciated!

(plz boost)

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