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If you were to win the lottery, which payout do you choose?

Started painting my first mini in 30 years today. Eyesight has gone to pot but other than that, I've still got it. ๐Ÿ˜

#7DRL finished! I say I succeeded, as I got a roguelike done, but the bar is pretty low; the game has pretty much the minimum amount of features a roguelike can have :blobcat_sip:โ€‹ It was fun to write a game in Rust though, even if the game is pretty underwhelming.

You can play it here:
Did status effects today, wrote some combat, and overall, did less than I planned for today. But I fit a lot of "polish / catchup" days in my timetable, so it's fine. #7DRL

(Showing off poisons and stuns in the video, see how the skeleton stops moving after it takes damage? Stunned for 1 turn! Should add some effects, to make it more obvious.)

Why have I never come across Lights Out Asia before?

Sat in a dark room with my cans on. Beautiful.

Managed to find a copy of the Cyberpunk Red starter kit in the UK. Arrived this morning and I had fond memories of my boxed copy of Cyberpunk 2013 arriving in the 80s. I'll settle down with some incense and dive in, this evening.

is punk dead

(boosts good to get more accurate poll results)

Five episodes in. It's toss. How Richard Morgan approved this I don't know. Best watched with the sound off so you can simply appreciate the gorgeous aesthetics.

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Well S2 of Altered Carbon is a bit shit so far. Some kind of weird plot hybrid between Broken Angels and Woken Furies.

Don't. Advertise. Job. Positions. Publicly. And. Waste. People's. Fucking. Time. If. You're. Just. Going. To. Hand. Them. To. An. Internal. Candidate. Anyway.

I'm looking at you amazing but fucking monolithic, huge UK-based health institution.

Just tried integrating grpc-web with VueJS and got it talking to a .NET Core gRPC server with integrated HTTP/2 proxy - and it works really well. About the trickiest bit was working out how to autobuild my .proto files to JS files and include them in the web client build.

Now I need to switch off as I've had a heck of a day and can see myself disappearing down a tiring, unhealthy code hacking rabbit hole if I don't.

IT folks, have vendors ever flat out lied to you? If so, how badly? And have you called them out on it?

I'm currently dealing with the worst vendor in the world who insist on giving us misinformation about our contracts. #foss #IT

New article! An interview with award winning director Kate Madison and director of photography Neil Oseman, as they work to crowdfund the second season of their independent fantasy webseries Ren:

#RenewRen #Webseries #Fantasy #Film #CreativeToots

I need to stop waking at 5am and settle my sleep patterns. They've been a mess for a week now.

Aside from that, a great roleplaying session yesterday. Some of the most relaxed, organic RP I've done in years and some great interactions with my group (most of whom are very new to the hobby). I really, really enjoyed my day.

My Dwarf Cleric is down in the first round of combat (thanks to our Rolemaster-meets-D20 house combat system). 155 points of damage in one breath attack (halved due to Plate of Lightning Resistance, not that it helped).

Fortunately, today is the day he retires, one way or another!

Now leaving Shitsville, Manchester. A three hour journey each way for a 5 minute scolding from a neurologist. Fun times.

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Guys could someone lend me 1.2 million euro please? I could really use an entire village in Portugal for my retreat ๐Ÿ˜

Kale and eggs for breakfast and I'm not even a Millennial. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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