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I'm shattered. Five hours of sleep when I went to bed at 8.30pm is not good. 😴

Finding today very challenging. 😕 Putting my body-oriented self-therapy skills to much use.

I had a REALLY rough hour this afternoon. Some stuff on TV was quite difficult to watch and some shit I saw online upset me. So I defrosted the freezer.

That seems really bizarre but it's one job I've been meaning to do for a long time and it's going to make things easier this season.

Little things I guess. That and knowing that when shit hits me hard, I can manage better.

@Jo was an angel. As always. ❤️

Supper is a Marmite, processed cheese and Twiglet sandwich. Don't judge me.

A lot of #mentalhealth therapy modalities like CBT and ACT talk about "Acceptance". This can be confusing or difficult to accept for many as we are accustomed to equate acceptance to surrender. Well, it is not!

Acceptance = Acknowledging something exists. This is good.
Surrender = Believing nothing can be done about it. Not so much

The following graphic depicts very clearly What is acceptance.

For people that want a cheaper alternative to Adobe products, the whole Affinity lineup is 30% off at the moment:

Less Obvious Factors That Lead To #mentalhealth Issues:

- Saying yes to everything
- Trying to fix/ save everyone
- People pleasing
- Putting others needs above yours
- Defining a "successful life" based on another's/ society's expectations

Your mental health matters. Prioritize it

I think at some point this weekend I will have a good, healthy cry. I'll try to make it as manly as possible, I promise.

(I won't)

I Have Had #mentalhealth Issues: I'm not seeking attention or sympathy.

I'm sharing because:
• Many suffer in silence and I want those people to know that they aren't alone.
• There's times I haven't been easy to be around - I'm sorry, but that're most difficult for me too.
• The more I've hid my "inner world", the more distant I've felt from everyone.
• More people should talk about it, share and appreciate the "real" version of us not the"filtered" version of social media. #endthestigma

Sing it with me: Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna. ❤️

#fediverse, I need your #help!

I work for Mama Cash, an amazing NGO that supports women, girls, trans and intersex rights. We have an environmental justice portfolio that funds those that suffer the most from climate change. Unfortunately we're almost out of funds, so we're trying to raise at least 20K.

My goal is to raise 500 euro. If you can, please help by donating:

The largest donation will receive a personalized gift from me 🎉


Rethink your #mentalhealth standards:
It's NOT REALISTIC to be...
- Happy no matter what happens
- Relaxed in every circumstance
- Confident in every situation
- Secure with everything your partner does
- Satisfied with everything you have in life
- Accepting of every flaw you have

There is no perfect "mental health standard" in these regard, much like there isn't a perfect "beauty standard". Talk about it #endthestigma

Beth Hart is my new crush. (Actually a really old crush but I've been listening to her and some Joe B. tonight and it feels sexy and awesome again.)

So I just logged into Classic and completely randomly ran into a guy in Feralas. This is a person I met in AV (opposite faction to me) back in Vanilla and PvP'd against a lot and we became good friends. He made me the Honorary Finn I am today. We've stayed in touch for nearly 15 years.

We duelled (him 60, me 49) and I almost nailed the fight.

This was possibly the most poignant thing I've done in Classic. We met...again.

Sounds silly. Means a lot. Love you, mate. ❤️

...coming in to land. Stand back, my wings are on fire! 🔥

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My therapist was right. When I leap into (higher cognitive) action, I'm fucking awesome. Like a soaring eagle looking down and seeing all.

The trick is to only keep my eyes upon the things I need to and to know when it's time to land.

Working on it. 🦅

@ideasmithy Mindfulness is helpful is keeping you grounded in the now. Which in turn prevents the pendulum of thoughts from swinging too widely and erratically. The whole idea of healthy mental process is not about avoiding negative emotions (we need them) but to prevent those emotions from becoming dysfunctional for us. So anxiety prepares you for challenge but shouldn’t overwhelm you. Anger keeps you pointed in the moral north but should become destructive. Mindfulness helps that! Makes sense?

How boomers saw gen-x (in 1990): okay whiny I can concede, but penny loafers?

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