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UK Politics / ID checks at polling stations 

It's appalling that photo ID as a requirement to cast a vote is even being considered, it's so utterly transparent why they're doing this and it's frankly disgusting.
There's a petition against it here, for what it's worth:

At Me 


"who are these RANDOS in my MENTIONS???"

They're called people, honey. And your mentions aren't 'yours'. They're also the entire planet's.

Yes, we know that Facebook and Twitter have been lying to you and pretending that you're at a small private cocktail party for Just The Cool People. But there are seven billion people other people also at that cocktail party. You just don't normally see them.

(this exact same sitch happened when FidoNET got crosslinked to Usenet, sigh).

At Me 


This. The whole 'don't at me' thing on modern social media really baffles me, being of That Certain Net 1.0 Age who got into BBSes and then Usenet and the Web as they were being invented, where the whole big hurdle to get over WAS THE FEAR of 'but I'm not invited to this conversation how can I possibly comment???'

So the first thing all our generation had to learn about the Internet was 'no, IT'S OK to at strangers'

but now after decades suddenly it's not, because.... huh?

I’m offering 2 online Guided Meditation sessions again on Wednesday at 13.00 BST and 19.00 BST respectively.

The sessions last between 30 - 40 minutes.

The class costs £4. (DM me if that’s a problem for you, and we can sort something out.)

I’ve been facilitating this type of meditation for some years, and you can read more about it here:

DM or email me at for further details.

#selfcare #meditation

millennials? too much avocado toast. zoomers? too much gaming. boomers? too much getting the US into unnecessary wars and creating tax policy that creates unsustainable wealth inequality and destroying the world by refusing to address climate change. gen-x: Pearl Jam? seriously?

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It looks like the small, artisan business that made my locking cuff are no longer online or in business. This makes me sad. They were awesome. ☹️

That said, TODO: catch up on people very soon. ❤️

I managed some writing and game mechanics tweaks for the first time in over a month. It feels good. I'm feeling like I can start putting the RPG core mechanics together into one document now.

My mind is also quiet and balanced, or so it seems, for the first time in years. So I need to be careful to not push myself too hard.

Still, I like the creative vibe. I WILL publish this thing.

It's World Mental Health Day.

Talk to each other. Talk to a stranger. You don't have to be alone in a crisis.

Not everyone has the spoons to talk or listen and that's okay. But sometimes just a stick is all you need. Don't take my word for it, take Boggle the Owl's.

Be safe. ❤️

I’m offering 2 online Yoga Nidra Meditation sessions again via #Jitsi today at 13.00 BST and 19.00 BST respectively.

The sessions last between 30 - 40 minutes.

The session will be free of charge until next week, when sessions will cost £4. However, I understand that there are those who won’t be able to afford this. If you are in such a position, please DM me and we can sort something out.

Read more here:

DM me if interested.

Boosts appreciated.
#selfcare #meditation

Annnd, it's out on Steam

15% launch discount on either Itch or Steam, for one week only :)

Just found this article about Greenpeace becoming an 'open source' organisation. Quite ironic, since a few months ago I met one of their principal IT managers, who openly mocked our efforts to use #foss and #opensource IT in-house. Greenpeace relies 100% on Google's Gsuite. Any comparison with fair trade coffee was met with a "yeah but this is easier, we just don't care about Google's dubious side."

One of the delights of founding is the discovery of how many members of the Church of the SubGenius were already in the fediverse. If you're looking for where the SubGenii are, we are here and there and everywhere. Lurkers and smirkers, tooters and pooters - sedated, elated and federated - down on the job and high on "Bob" - slack is where you find it. Find it when you JOIN...

The Church of the SubGenius


Shout out to people.

Sorry I've been quiet this week and unresponsive to messages. I and my whole family have been quite ill and are just about getting better. I'll try to catch up with things tomorrow. Hugs. ❤️

update part 2: that being said, I think it's helpful to talk about mental health like a round of antibiotics: just because the infection looks like it's gone doesn't mean you stop taking the antibiotics 🧐

what is it with conservative news sources making the things they oppose sound insanley attractive and cool.

why yes, i do wish to join in the the psychedelic rave nature cult to save the earth


Each session will last for roughly 30 minutes and will start at 13.00 BST and 19.00 BST respectively.


You don’t need a webcam unless you want to see me. ;) Audio is fine.

The jitsi meeting has the title yoganidra101

DM or email me at for the password / further details.

Boosts appreciated 👍

#selfcare #meditation


I’m offering 2 online Yoga Nidra Meditation sessions via #Jitsi on Wednesday 2nd October - in part, to test Jitsi in a group context.

The session will be on a donation basis - at least for now, but if you can’t afford to donate don’t let that be a barrier to you participating.

I’ve been facilitating this type of meditation for some years, and you can read more about it here:


"They Live" is on the Horror Channel tonight. Mandatory viewing. Recording it. Probably even suitable for my politically-driven, sensitive, sarcastic and cynical youngest.


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A safe, social, virtual space for anyone interested in mental health and its issues. Whether you're a service user, someone with lived or living experience or a mental health professional, feel free to join, hang out and chat about anything.