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I was going to say that this last week can go fuck itself, but that's a bit too harsh. It's been really tiring and challenging but hey, I made it to Friday.

Still have a busy day tomorrow getting eldest moved to Uni (fun when you don't drive) and I have no doubt emotions will be fearfully strong, but it'll be good.

Spread your wings, son. ❀️

Took the family out to a great nearby Italian for a final meal before eldest goes to Uni on Saturday. Fun evening. Pretty stuffed. A nice, positive evening in an otherwise complicated and difficult week. πŸ™‚

"Welcome," the interviewer said, "please have a seat."
"Thank you."
"Right, as you know time engineering is still in it's-"
"-early days, yes. Only invented a year ago."
"We are looking for an experienced engineer."
"I've got five years' experience in the field."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Fucking tired after an emotional day yesterday. Compounded by last minute shopping for eldest who starts Uni this weekend and needed minor stuff like...a fucking laptop. πŸ˜‚ Don't leave it all to the last minute I said...

So, some Queer Eye and bed I think. ❀️

Session four with my therapist this morning. Two weeks since my last session. Things are coming together, though other things remain difficult or strange to me. But hey, I'm not constantly alert or anxious so that's good.

It's only now I'm "missing it" that I'm beginning to understand quite how high-functioning fear and constant vigilance had become my norm.

Second Galaxy is far too fun and addictive. πŸ˜‚

Trying to have a quiet weekend and disconnect. Kind of doing okay though just had a non-stop hour and a half of cleaning and putting away shopping. I'll switch off with more Classic WoW later...almost got my Shaman to 30 where I will reunite with my beloved Windfury. β€οΈβš‘β„οΈπŸ”₯

I woke feeling uncomfortable, from unsettling dreams about one of the main sources of my trauma.

In these situations I usually wake up anxious or crying, so I'm getting the feeling this is positive. But it feels weird. My nervous system really is conditioned into certain responses that feel alien now I'm not experiencing them.

I was teasing earlier this week but it appears we have Xmas movies on TV already. πŸ™„

Quite a fun, relaxed evening playing Classic WoW and levelling up my Shaman, whilst doing a pile of DBA on my second monitor.

Home. Called out for pizza. Quiet time. Bed as soon as my lovely wife gets home from work this evening.

Today is turning out to be difficult. I know I need to get in touch with my emotional self, but I'm likely to just start sobbing at work if I do. So the compromise for now is to acknowledge it, maintain awareness of it and hold out until 5pm.

Cancelled my Ghost Recon: Breakpoint preorder and uninstalled the closed beta. Ah well, maybe I'll see how it looks in the New Year.

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