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I'm watching Pilgrimage on BBC2. I watched an episode of this before and found it fascinating. This is...soothing and contemplative, though the idea of a pilgrimage of sorts is quite appealing to me in the place I'm in at the moment.

I'm not religious. It's complicated. At best I describe myself as an "eclectic agnostic polytheist". Raised CofE. Practiced witchcraft and shamanism for a long time. Always Discordian, except when not. A scientist.

Like I said, complicated. πŸ™„

Finished the first pass at scope/tactical view. It needs more work, but it'll do for now. It also seems to bug out and hang when I change depth. I'll work on it more tomorrow.

You have no fucking idea how happy this makes me. Knowing my (player's) left/port from their right/starboard.

A bit of early morning before I need to head out for a few hours.

I've an idea I'm playing with for my targeting ("periscope") console in that the further away from the central point a cell is horizontally, the further away from the boat it is in general (so all the cells at distance 0 are in the centre, at distance 1 are left/port and right/starboard 1 cell, etc.)

It might not work, or it might be really intuitive. I'll find out after fighting with atan2() πŸ˜†

My one bit of this week. Calculating distances for cells so I can finally finish rendering that console on the top-right. πŸ˜†

It's bloody freezing. I just turned up the heating. Blowing a gale and icy rain outside as well. Sheesh.

No this week, just too busy at work to handle even an hour of noodling on code at home + eldest child is hitting crunch time. Who said parenting stops when they grow up?

On personal development, I'm steadily getting into reading "If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him!" Some fairly intense but very contemplative stuff going on in that book and the chapter I read on Women's Liberation this lunchtime had me close to tears.

Having a discussion with friends about how open you can be about mental health at work. We all have bad days, some of us have labels, but do you let others know? Would it impact how coworkers view you as a professional? Would it affect your career?

Honest question - how open are you at work about #mentalhealth issues?

I've been catching up on the ECS series by Rez Bot on YouTube. I found the first few videos really helpful in understanding how to implement an Entity Component System. Definitely a good watch, not least of all as they have a very approachable tone. Helps if you know or can parse C++.

Back from Spring Concert at school, where youngest has been drumming. It's been a fun evening. πŸ™‚

Writing batch files like it's 1989 all over again...

Knackered. It's been a long, long day. Too tired to even do the coding thing I have a solution for in my head and have been putting off for weeks.

So chilling to Ward Thomas and desperately looking forward to my beautiful wife getting home as I've not seen her for 24 hours and am missing her badly. ❀️

Going for #FOSS absolutely hasn't been cheaper for us than going for Msft's non-profit discount.

We value self-hosting, so we bought (refurbished) servers. We had to hire a befriended engineer to set up the platform , back-up, the provisioning, configuration management and to integrate everything with SSO + 2FA. We also have a small support contract with him because, well, imposter syndrome.

Going #FOSS hasn''t been cheap, but hopefully sharing our knowledge will make it cheaper for others.

Still awake, because of course I am. Watching "Tears of the Sun" because oddly, I find it a beautiful and poignant movie and I've watched it WAY too many times. Bruce Willis is...his usual self, but it's what he does well.

Next book on my reading list (starting tomorrow) is "If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him!"

That should weird out the people that always ask "What are you reading?" as they pass by me on the sofa on my lunch break. πŸ˜‰

mh tip 

Played some Company of Heroes 2 with youngest tonight and really enjoyed it. Washing on, food made for @Jo's lunch tomorrow and it's biologically still early, so a quiet evening on the sofa with more The Punisher S2 I think.

Movie question. Have any of my followers seen "A Dog's Purpose" and more importantly, will I cry?

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