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Okay, well that worked WAY better than I expected. Only took me about half an hour to convert a (slice of a) heightmap into a depth-map (a linked-list of 2D arrays, each containing "walkable" water or rock).

Looks much improved over my spikey, organically-grown maps and also means (and this is going to be incredibly useful) I can pre-generate massive maps (e.g. 32K on a side) and load regions in chunks.

Pretty chuffed at that. πŸ˜€

Have dug out my old heightmap code and commented out all the Voronoi logic (not needed yet, but might be useful for influence maps later on).

Now to work out how to convert an image into my layered 2D map format. I guess I'll start with min and max depth from min/max RGB values.

Fixed my renderer (it wasn't broken, one column of cells wasn't rendering because it was out of the bounds of the map array...)

I've gone back to ASCII as well and I much prefer it. I need to fiddle a little with the colour-coding but it looks like a traditional roguelike.

I'm going to play around with heightmaps next, rather than my cellular automata mapgen.

Hmm. I'm definitely imprinting something as I re-read Robert Anton Wilson after two decades. I caught myself flashing the (positive) V-sign (23) to a fellow whom I introduced to the concepts of Discordianism last year; and I'm observing patterns in songs I've never noticed before (more 23, references to Sirius). Metaprogramming is fun. Especially during a period of self-actualisation. πŸ˜‰

Set aside time for a hobby. Gardening, drone building, knitting, do something for the pure pleasure of it.

I woke from a dream about terrain heightmaps.

"This means something. This is important." πŸ›Έ

Did a bit more gamedev this evening, adding simple dialog messages to my console.

I'm REALLY avoiding writing the code to render the targeting console. πŸ˜‚

I should probably give it some proper thought, then just buckle down and do it.

I still struggle to unwire my brain from automatically reaching for polymorphism as an answer to variant behaviour on similar types.

I'm not using ECS yet, but fully intend to once it's more stable/complete. I need to wean myself off the old reflex structures

I wonder how long it took Braben and Bell to iterate the design of the Elite radar back in 84, to display objects in 3D space?

Says the guy wrangling with FOV for a 3D space in a 2D game.

Does the attached screen top-right make intuitive sense to you? No, didn't think so.

Hint: heading is shown on the left and is 90 degrees. The coloured boxes in the targeting console are for the current plane/depth, cell density/colour indicates distance to solid rock.

Yep, still too early a day later. Hmm, might be that I'm putting off doing this... β˜•

It's still too early for Spherical Coordinate maths. β˜•

One of those evenings where I'm beginning to wonder if Frank Castle has the right approach to dealing with problems.

@andy I hated it. If I had known the plot in advance, especially the ending, I would never have watched it. The soundtrack is great though.

We watched the remake of A Star Is Born last night as we missed it at the cinema and wife has been desperate to see it since last year (the soppy romantic that she is).

I enjoyed it. Not sure @Jo did quite as much, excepting the music. It's not...really...a romance. 🀣

Kudos to Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper; they absolutely excelled in their roles. It's not often that a movie has me in a constant state of emotional edge and discomfort.

Had some fun in the side project today. Need to use it to prep my final set of lectures in March.

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