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Must have left The Punisher running by accident. Did wonder why it said I was on S1E9 when I didn't THINK I'd watched that many episodes...


Thinking about starting another simple newsletter. Looking for a hosted newsletter service that is …

- simple (i.e., non of that good ol' MailChimp overkill)
- GDPR compliant
- affordable (€10/month tops for 2k subscribers)
- run by a small business (decent people preferred) and not a surveillance capitalist outfit

I don't need crazy-ass statistics or a super-involved writing UI. I want to write Markdown, and a rather streamlined workflow.

Any pointers welcome. Thanks!

Continuing to work through Russ Harris' "The Happiness Trap" and I think I just hit a major "oh shit, yes" epiphany moment.

This is good.

@applecandy @andy I know 2 but it wasn't those two (Neil Gaiman and Terry Moore if anyone is interested!)

Despite the search engine improvements over the past 15 years, I feel like it's gotten harder to find things rather than easier, at least when it comes to niche things. Brands and (stolen) images are easier to find than ever.

Search seems to focus more on metadata than content, many sites lock their content behind memberships or make it non-static (=harder to index and even to view).

It feels like to find more niche or technical information, you have to know what/where it is to begin with :/

We didn't get to Sheffield because the British rail system is a bag of wank.

54 quid down so will try to get a refund. Not hopeful though.

Raided Tesco for bread cheese, ice cream and organic cider. At least it's warm at home.

Off to Sheffield with the whole family today, for a relaxed wander around the city and SHU. Eldest has already had a university offer so we can skip the course lectures and just get into the city vibe.

With @Jo not interested in watching it, I've finally settled down to watch Punisher (S1E1) all on my lonesome.

We just started watching Preacher and it's put me in the mood. πŸ˜‰

Nope nope nope. My character is in the tower in the corner and has to get across the courtyard to a party member that intends to TP us out.

I'm playing a Dwarf. In half plate.

I have to drag a body with me.

A Legendary Green Dragon just attacked and wiped off half the party's HP...

"When danger reared its ugly head, he bravely turned his tail and fled..."

We are OUTTA here.

In this pack you will find 1000 Particles at 512x512.

They are under CC0 license. That means you can use them in you personal and commercial projects with no credit needed.

This pack is free, but as always any donation is welcome, that helps to continue releasing more and more assets in a free way. Or you can buy some of my tools ;)

Thanks for your support!

#gamedev #indiedev #creativetoots #mastoart

Monthly D&D session. Picking up from last month's battle which we paused at the end of the session. We're all going to die.

πŸ”₯ Imbolc! πŸ”₯ Cast the past into the fire, feel the ripening of the new within you. 🌿✨🌱

@andy I didn't use enough of my sentient Facebook revenue to buy enough US military to coup Venezuela properly. I guess I'm a bad cyberpunk capitalist overlord!

Indie Cyberpunk management sim Spinnortality is out!
-Spread fake news, rig elections
-Launch coups, battle AIs, colonise the moon
-Become immortal

My interview with creator Jamie Patton:
#indiegames #cyberpunk

Spinnortality is released. I've been keeping an eye on this for a long time.

It's been a long day, I have a glass of red (my first one in over two years, but NOT a control strategy this time) and I have a hectic weekend ahead. Let's do this.

Working on getting up to scratch on C# 7.2 and all the stuff in .NET Core I don't know (which is a lot more than I realised). It's daunting and the Brain Weasels are feasting as a result.

With a couple of intense days ahead and tensions in general running high in my workplace, I'm going to have to keep reminding myself to self-care.

Blasting Dream Theater to try and keep myself awake. 🀣

Worked 7am to 5pm today. Back online for OOH deployment at 9pm. πŸ˜…πŸ˜•

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