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So I removed BookType from my server and I'm still unhappy with using Collabora Online as it's...I dunno...slow I guess.

But I'm writing again.

So I wonder whether I go for something lighter like BookStack or simply used NextCloud and a Markdown editor (and get used to tables...)

I get that smartphones can record video.

But, people stop trying to record everything and be in the moment and enjoy what is happening.

In bed before 7pm. That was a long day. Hoping to get some done tomorrow but for now... ๐Ÿ˜ด

Finished my lifepath tables, or what is the first draft of them. See, I knew I needed a break. ๐Ÿ˜€

Eldest is coding (homework) so I'm listening to Gunship and doing some writing on my tabletop . Not touched it in a couple of months, so this is quite welcome.

"NO you're NOT normal. You're weird, sociopathic Mr-Bent-Brain."

My wife has such romantic pet names for me. It's a good job I'm an emotionless machine, otherwise I'd be offended. ๐Ÿคฃ

(We can laugh at least when she has outbursts. Which is testament to how well we handle things.)

Tired and have spent a good chunk of today sleeping. Seems like I'm finally getting some rest...the day before I go back to work. ๐Ÿ˜•

Eldest is a bit of an ill mess and I think now realises he needs rest. I've kind of gone into male dominant-pair mode.

Prowled the house. All is safe. Realised I was prowling. Made food. Fake, left-over kedgeree for breakfast: cooked brown rice in curry spices + chopped onions + chopped boiled eggs + chopped smoked bacon + chopped smoked ham + chunks of leftover fish warmed through + lemon juice + pepper.

Going to switch out with female dominant-pair person shortly I think. Need more sleep.

Be kind to yourself.

You, yourself, deserve love.

Self-love is difficult, but worth the effort.

Anything that requires effort, also requires conscious and deliberate use of energy.

Deliberate use of energy requires thoughtfulness and a present mind.

Mindfulness is kindness. Self-love. Effort. Presence.

This game is divorce material. I'm also swearing a lot.

Also, you can play football with the tomatoes. โ€‹

Broke my code so I'll remember what I'm half way through refactoring tomorrow by the fact I'll get a pile of compiler errors. ๐Ÿ‘

Now off to a virtual NYE ball with @Jo, It's how we roll.

TTRPGs, players wanted, London, boosts OK 


Hm. If I move some state out of the Components then it's going to make implementing game saves much more difficult. I need to rethink the Systems part of ECS.

Going to finish glazing the ham I've been cooking and go for a walk to the shops to have a ponder.

Added rudimentary targeting using the mouse. Refactored the sensor display to show target data.

It's a bit tough (doesn't refresh on damage updating, but then I've not implemented it yet except as a simple collision anyway). It's also messed up my ECS slightly, as I have state data in a System now and a UI element (the sensor) knows about a WorldEntity. Hmmm. Requires some thought regarding architecture as a whole. But not bad for a few hours work.

Well, I just accidentally switched off the check for whether the ten mobs on my test level have enough energy to do anything. So they ran continuously at full pelt (all they do is pick a random, unoccupied space and pathfind do it, recalculating the path with A* each turn, or in this case, tick of the game loop).

It runs nicely, no framerate drop and now I know how to do real-time strategy games. ๐Ÿ˜†

Think I need more โ˜•

This morning's coding is brought to you by Eluveitie (in particularly, Omnos, on loop - I have a thing for wolves, don't judge me).

If you like your folk metal from Switzerland and particularly, sung in ancient Gaulish, check them out.

Hahaha! A refactor too far...

I fixed my problem from last night by rethinking how to process actions/energy of players and mobs in my game. No more occasional stuttering. This is good.

However, if I now switch the player move input routines to OnKeyPress (so you can hold down a movement key) it's SO fast that your character shoots across the map and the mobs still make all their moves (and therefore look like they're teleporting).

I'm good. Too good. ๐Ÿ˜†

Time for โ˜•

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