Funeral today. Also broken my no drinking streak. No, no, not alcohol you silly geese. Having my first coffee in nearly two years. 😂☕

I recently installed a variety of period and fertility tracking apps with very loose privacy policies (running them through a US VPN) and set up reasonable fake profiles I can feed with junk, shit data (because: fuck RvW being overturned and it's one little thing I can do). Anyway. My point.

HOW fucking invasive ARE these things? So far, one in particular has asked me for updates (read: data mining me) three times so far today. Two app notifications and an email.

@k @sinbad Yeah, it's a lot of fun. My group hammered it when it first came out and I spooged on some cosmetics cuz I like to look like a badass. Not much to do "endgame" other than grind higher difficulty levels for rewards but it's a great little ride getting there. I may reinstall to see what's new.

As the BBC continues it's barrage of "be sad for people affected by the strikes" the politicians prepare to pit the desperate against the organised.

This is how they manufacture consent.
This is class war.

Don't be a scab.

Pretty happy with the updated design for the layout of my . A bit more spacing, encouraging me to tighten up the text, and crisper lines.

Trying to push past recent events and get back into writing by staring at my rulebook and playing the cheeseball Gerard Butler sci-fi movie "Gamer" in the background. 😆

@catbuttes My eldest still hasn't grown out of it and he's 21 and lives on the other side of the Pennines. Good luck. 😂

@runeranch @mookie Hardware is a bit of a lowkey, splatterpunk, Brit cult movie. Fantastic soundtrack by Simon Boswell. Guest stars include Carl McCoy, Iggy Pop and Lemmy, that should set the tone. 😂

I am so excited to announce my next game!

World Ending Game is a tabletop game written to serve as the last session of a campaign in any system.

Borrowing from conventions of cinema, World Ending Game tells falling action stories. It explores what comes right after the climactic event in your story- and what you need to see to believe that it's all, finally, over.

World Ending Game is about closure, grief, joy, relief, and getting to say a proper goodbye.

Preorder at

@mookie Oooh, good one. Mine would probably be something like:

Silent Running (1972)
Blade Runner (1982)
Hardware (1990)
Sunshine (2007)
Elysium (2013)

There's a theme there. 😂


I lost my dad last week. It's only just setting in as a "thing". It was sudden and unexpected, which I think is where the shock lay. I don't really want to talk about details publicly. It's been hard on my mum, my brothers and me. But we're managing. This changes a lot as well, not least of all because I'm now responsible for a very large, mature garden of flowers, fruit and vegetables. 😂

So, do me a favour and hug someone close to you. Life is precious and shorter than we think. ✌🏻❤️

Why are Mood Octopi either happy or angry? I can't seem to find happy/sad or anything other than happy/fucking furious. Odd.

@dockers Also try and keep an (objective) eye on your mental health. There seems to be more and more evidence that people with pre-existing problems or conditions can have them exacerbated for a while after recovering from COVID. Post-COVID Psychosis is a thing (and it's quite scary, from experience).

Stay safe. You're doing all the right things. ❤️

@ExilianOfficial Still using Dreamhost, have been since 2001. Think it works out at about 12 quid a month though, all in (shell access, etc.)

Got into an argument with a Nazi prick on Reddit yesterday. I didn't even focus on the right-wing dogwhistling and transphobia (though others did), just their utter ignorance of mental health (all disorders are the same, because of the word disorder; ergo, I'll conflate psychopathy with ASD, for one). It left a bad taste in my mouth, even though I reported and blocked the fucknuckle.

Woke to find them banned this morning. So that was a pleasant start to the day.

Goooood morning, fediverse! 😆

My butt 

134 litres of water storage and planters fed by capillary action. Yeah baby.

@applecandy Hey, I'm good. I've two big compost bins and a wormery. The one full bin just doesn't get hot, but it's been breaking down slowly for 9 months so will probably be ready next year.

I'm pretty new to hot composting but I believe it's all about being careful with the ratio of browns and greens. If yours is smelling, it's probably anaerobic and you'll need to turn it and get some air and browns into it.

Vermicomposting is really easy. But it depends if you like worms. 😆

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