@korruptor You've seen the Metallica video as well then, you filthy old man? πŸ˜†

@thelonius Agreed. It's the path of least resistance, people are always going to follow it. Conscious expenditure of energy is difficult.


I see so much "anti" stuff on here.
I don't care what you're "anti' - you're just imbuing that which you hate with more power by hating it.

What are you *for* ?

Unless we can let go of hate, we're doomed.


I just heard that @tom79 is closing his account and leaving here - manily because of ill-will towards him.

You know, in many ways, Mastodon is no different from Twitter or any other Social Media platform.

It is peopled by humans. Most humans are looking for a scapegoat for their misery - someone of something to blame.

Hm, the diagram in my ukulele book for Em contradicts online examples, as it has the 4th finger on the 4th string and fret as well. I don't know enough theory to know if this is correct.

4432 vs. 0432

Hmm. I'm too tired for such complicated problems.

@B3N So glad my only school-age kid is 14 and is just working off the Chromebook in his bedroom. I feel for you, fella.


@fasciation Sounds to me like the problem here isn't with you. That you "changed the rules" slightly and she didn't like it. Stay strong. πŸ‘πŸ»

16kg of flour delivered (and a nice gift from the supplier of a couple of bags of gluten free flour). I'd like to point out I ordered this before Lockdown 3.0 was announced. Now...to elevate my bread making skills to the next level. 😎

Think I'll buy a bread cloche or possibly a new dutch oven to replace the battered old Le Creuset I'm currently using.

Skyr + seeds + dried berries for breakfast, with a glass of AF fizz and fresh orange.

I'd like to say this is a NY resolution or some such bollocks, but it's just a lazy breakfast and I fully intend to make a disgustingly tasty bacon butty once I've woken up properly.

@thelonius Old programmer "joke", though usually eggs not avocados. Makes sense to me. The task is to return with milk. It just includes an additional statement altering the rules by which milk should be returned. If you want avocados, that's a separate logical request. If you're going to mix up requests, at least use explicit language to segregate them in the on request stream. (Plus, I hate avocados.)

@thelonius Yeah. 😁Also nice to play nylon strings again for the first time in many decades. I started playing guitar as a teenager after messing with an old, battered classical that belonged to one of my older brothers. I'd forgotten how warm nylons sounds, even on a plinky little uke.

So it turns out you can play a bazillion songs once you've learnt C, G, F and Am on the ukelele. Hardest part is getting used to finger strumming and holding it in position, though my other skills from playing guitar seem to transfer pretty easily.

Got a gorgeous electro-acoustic ukelele for my birthday. Eddie Vedder and Jason Mraz, watch your backs, I'm comin' for ya!

Kids are still in bed and @Jo is at work. Quietest Xmas morning ever.

Good day. Woke and made sausage rolls for breakfast, made two loaves, finished clearing out 15 years of crap from the bedroom, filled the rest of the skip with crap from the garage, played some CP, wrapped all the prezzies, ate burgers. That's a wrap (arf).

@welshpixie Looks like one of the Animals. It's all about boosterware, implants and the peak of physical fitness with them. Though give me brains over brawn any time (and a good cyberdeck).

I like the first picture. Gutsy move bringing a stun baton to a firefight. Heck, gutsy move trying hand-to-hand combat with an Animal in the first place, choom.

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