@tim Happy to chat at more length but it'll be tonight after I get in from work.

@tim πŸ‘ Nothing revolutionary and if anything, somewhat tangentially related to some comments you've made recently. Pushing through that conditioned fear response, often to find my Ego shoves emotions in my face that try to hold me back. It's a new skill that takes energy and practice to apply.

It feels like I'm hitting another period of self-enlightenment where I "get it". As always, the tricky bit is reining in and then ignoring my Ego as it does its best to screw things up.

Hail Eris! She who brings chaos to my order; and order where I expect chaos. Especially on a Monday morning when trying to get one kid to school and the other one to Spain.

Ironic CW. Potential Contentious Attitude 

Spooky. S1E1 of Peaky Blinders and I'm characterising the major protagonists. "Ah so he's the Communist Agitator" I say to myself. Three seconds later they show his dossier and it reads..."Communist Agitator". πŸ€”

Kind of a painful night if sleep as I appear to have twisted my lumbar region quite uncomfortably again. I did spend a lot of time crashed out on an inflatable PVC soda yesterday (not like that you filthy-minded people).

Today I have to mobilise a teenager who is off to Spain tomorrow. They're also probably very hungover after knocking back the rum at yesterday's summer party.

For now: coffee and Peaky Blinders in the hope it'll inspire me to write.

Morning folks!

I'm shattered after a day in a tent drinking beer, eating street food and playing retro arcade games. G'night folks. ✌️❀️

I've baked bara brith and watched terrible TV all day. Not quite the productive day off I had planned but I get the feeling it's exactly what I needed.

Kids are gone to school and work. @Jo is on a training course. The house is cool and quiet, except for the sound of birds in the garden. Happy Solstice, folks (if that's your thing). 🌞

Can confirm. Writer's block. At least I made two awesome cous cous Bento boxes with veggies and salad for the boys to take to school and work, respectively. A net positive.

Off for four days now, first break this year. A few things to do over the weekend but I hope on doing some writing tomorrow.

So of course, I for one welcome the sudden onset of writer's block. πŸ˜•

personal safety, alternatives to police, stalking 

Well, tonight's reading and quiet time time didn't happen. As @Jo came home from 12 hours at work and we talked about stuff on the sofa for an hour, pretty much non-stop. So that was particularly fucking awesome. πŸ’œ

@fasciation It's a conditioned response. You're more likely to experience anxiety over something you've had prior experience of being painful, threatening or traumatising than something new that you haven't had the same experience with.

I was, coincidentally, reading some of the neuroscience behind this earlier today. Your amygdala is going to be reacting before your cortex has a chance to understand there is no threat, by which time it's too late: fight, flight, freeze has kicked in.

2.7 million on a head shot from Nemesis after today's patch is nice. Up from 2.2 Mill before. πŸ˜‚

@_ben Looks freaky and interesting. I'll have a gander later...maybe with the light off...

@_ben Bad idea IMO. If I unfollow someone, it's for a reason. Most reactionary arse holes I'd just happily continue to block if they decided to be a dick about things after being notified I'd unfollowed them, but I know plenty of vulnerable people who wouldn't handle it well. An unfollow notification has too much potential to enable abuse to make it worth it. You're a nice fella, you'd use it for good. Too many people wouldn't.

Blues on Radio 2 and psychology books. Guess I just started pushing out the other side of middle age. πŸ˜‚

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