Can anyone point me towards research on 'ritual' and 'online spaces'? How can 'ritual', usually tied with spectacle, performance, and physical presence in a group, be facilitated through online space/s, where bodies are not physically in the same space?

Any ideas, thoughts, pointers to essays or books greatly appreciated!

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Virtual Lewdness 

I'd forgotten how time-consuming and fun it is to adjust your nipples in Second Life.๐Ÿ˜†

All I want to do is make my avi's (new) body look good as we're both just chilling in shorts and writing.

(It's less weird than it sounds.)

Bed at 9pm, woke at 2am and 5.30am. I'll take it. Morning folks.

Awake since 4am. Have so far:

- Made chilli-cheese bread with smoked paprika (on first prove).
- Measured up windows for blinds.
- Put a load more glyphosate down on the drive/weeds/lawn.
- Done some writing.
- Done some editing.
- Done some work (I really should wait until 9am...)

I hate hot weather. โ˜•

I'm blitzing things around the house. Maxi skip on the drive, no desire to placate angry neighbours out of false obligation and get it moved quickly. I (we) are making changes to the doer-upper we bought 14 years ago, finally. It feels like positive change and a deep exhalation.

Now I have a lot more space in our (south facing) dining extension to and start home . I just need to free up inner space to start doing so, each morning.

This feels positive. ๐Ÿ™

@syndikalista The Pagan Federation maybe. UK based but I believe they have international arms as well. Back when I was practicing, they maintained lists of moots, usually led by coven leaders, that you could attend to meet people (of all pagan faiths) and learn from. They may have links to resources and/or coven leaders who could point you in the direction of useful resources.

Apologies if I'm teaching you to suck eggs, but maybe look into the Third Wave Cognitive Behavioural Therapies, which are becoming more prevalent these days? They kind of bridge the gap between traditional CBT and holistic, person-centred approaches such as mindfulness and would probably fit in that space between "traditional" psychotherapy and practices like yoga.

As an side, when I was in trauma therapy my counsellor praised yoga as having a higher success rate than many forms of therapy. ๐Ÿ‘

do you have any idea what "a11y" means?

please boost this, I'm actually curious

Woke at 3.30am, dozed until the noisy bastard birds decided to do their chorus and got up at 5am.

Reinstalled Collabora on my NextCloud and decided, somewhat inspired by the Itch "Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality", that I should stop pissing about and get at least something out there for my RPG project, so managed to slap down some 600 okay-ish words for the Quick Start Rules.

Not a bad start to the day, though I suspect I'm going to need a lot more coffee.

@dockers Agencies is all I can suggest, sorry. Not much help, I know.

I'm thinking more and more that due to my health conditions I need a job that is home based/remote working, but I have no idea how to go about this.

I'm looking for something in Marketing, ยฃ20k+ a year (hopefully more as I have a Masters now)

Does anyone have any tips or leads?

Back to work after a week off.

Now, if only I could be arsed to get out of bed...

I've had a week off work and I'm only just relaxing (as I can tell by the emotionally overwhelming upsurge). Just in time for work on Monday, then! At least @Jo and I are binning a load of cruft this weekend so maybe my home workspace will feel less constricted by then.

Meh. The world is going to shit just like all my favourite bands and RPGs predicted in the 80s. But at least I have a skip.

S5E1 of Queer Eye was a fab way to start Sunday morning. I didn't cry, honest.

Levellers live (Mark Chadwick, soloing from home) on YT.

Just what I need tonight. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

@GwenfarsGarden Yeah, I know the feeling regarding people differentiating. ๐Ÿ˜†

Stay safe, take care and a big wave from just the other side of the Pennines (we're about 35 miles west of Sheff).

@GwenfarsGarden Ah, apologies I think I misinterpreted. I thought you were looking for an alternative for the bizarre consensual reality we call "IRL", my bad. So one that encompasses all layers. Hm. Not sure then as I'm with you (I've been a part of online communities since the 80s and met my now-wife online in the mid-90s...we don't particularly differentiate between the two).

And I'll be more careful about using that word in future. Thanks for the heads-up!

@GwenfarsGarden I often use the M word (as to me at least, its roots are in cyberpunk literature and we were using it back in the 80s and early 90s). I use the term realspace interchangeably.

I've enjoyed #talesfromtheloop so much, that I've asked my daughter to buy me the #rpg for my birthday.

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