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Sorry for the lack of my usual spammy toots, all. Monday's counselling was positive but my head is a bit bouncy with things that came up. Normal service will resume in due course.

Cue a picture of a tubby middle-aged nerd playing noughts and crosses on a blackboard, with a weird clown doll watching on.

@tim πŸ‘ This is something I've also passed onto both my boys over the years.

Back in the 90s @Jo and I ran a community website for neopagans and were often asked (mainly by young, American girls) "How do I become a witch?"

My answer was a book list. The Bible. The Quran. The Gita. Starhawk. The Principia Discordia. Douglas Adams. πŸ˜‰ It was a long list.

Pick what makes sense.

Then challenge it.

Not many people understood. But hey, that was kind of the point 😁

Help request, Matrix/Riot.im 

Woke at 5am though I suspect I'll drop off again. Some of the things I discussed in my first therapy session are REALLY in my head. Whole new ways of looking at the past four years (and in part, the problematic decade that came before). Things that make me feel...valid (?)

This is weird and positive and quite scary. I kind of feel like crying. I feel less angry. Or maybe, I understand that the anger is meaningless and I can use that energy more positively elsewhere, including for myself.

It might be nice to outsource my social media to India, they can filter out the low quality memes, the hate and shitposts, then send me a weekly summary to my email. If that works it then they can interact with my friends pretending to be me, wish then happy birthday and congratulations for major life events. If I get invited to something they can let me know and book it into my calendar. If that works out then maybe one of them can come over here and do all that irl too. Living the dream then

Meditate for 10 minutes. Try a guided meditation if you have trouble staying focused.

Anyone here have experience with the #meditation system detailed in The Mind Illuminated? Looking to renew and advance my practice. Pros and cons? #Buddhism #neuroscience #TMI #Culadasa #TheMindIlluminated #Dharma

I start seeing a counsellor tomorrow. It's almost four years since "stuff happened" and I lived and worked through some frankly horrifying shit. I'm not looking forward to revisiting it with a stranger, even though I've played out that exact scenario, with hope, in my head for a long time.

Putting all my mindfulness skills to use at the moment and have been distracting myself all day. It'll be fine, I'm sure. It's just a bit scary. πŸ˜•

Today has not been a good day.

*grumps in Gen-X*

Password manager poll! Don't vote if you don't use one in this case

@MsQueenE1 I think of self-care as simply anything that you can do to detach from the pain and stress of everyday life, in particular if it benefits you mentally and emotionally.

Our lives are built around pleasing others. Work late to please the boss. Always put others first. It's not selfish to put ourselves first once in a while. If we can give ourselves some respite, even for a short time, then that - to me - is self-care.

Self-care is simply what says: caring for ourselves.

In the kitchen, listening to Floyd and boiling the shit out of all the fruit I can find that looks like it going off.

I should get my guitar and...jam along.


When you're working on your and realise it's going to be even more leftie than you initially imagined...

If you haven't read Susan Fowler's post about her year at Uber in the last few months... please, please do take the time to read it again. Our industry is broken.


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