I have no idea how to find followers on Masto. I shall continue to post my bullshit into the void until I make a few connections.

I might occasionally reach out and follow fellow humans I may find but with respecting boundaries and profile requirements in mind o/

I've been working on an improved layout for my RPG rulebook. Just about finished with character creation, barring some placeholders and I started playtesting some of the core mechanics (and found issues!) last weekend. It's coming along well.


@welshpixie Yeah, it was a dick this morning. 4/6 but it took cooking an entire sausage and egg butty to work it out.

36 hour fast done, my first long since Xmas. That was hard, way harder than the previous 40+ hours I've done. Broke it with asparagus, bacon, eggs and seeded sourdough. I have a cracking headache, even though I stayed fully hydrated and supplemented missing minerals.

I think I'll aim for max. 36 hours Thursday night to Saturday morning from now on, as well as my daily 16-18 hours. Having a breakfast is a treat and I've been mindfully eating (with birbcam on the TV!)

The timeline is done. There are seven pages of edited and laid out text to accompany this. πŸ˜† I think I'm going to take a well-deserved break for the rest of the day. Probably.

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@Gina Part of my painting station. It's a bit trickier at my age than back as a teenager in the '80s, but luckily for me, Santa brought me some magnifying glasses this year which I can wear to zoom in on details. πŸ˜‚

@welshpixie Not the vibe I'm looking for but still very cool, I like them a lot. Getting a kind of Dune-esque ornithopter vibe from them.

I might get back to you on the mandala side of things at some point. My game's early space colonist faction have a Buddhist/Hindu theme to them so it's not inconceivable. Whilst the game is a work of love and I don't intend to profit from it I, y'know, want to pay any artists that contribute to it. And better fediverse artists than Getty, right?

@welshpixie Cheers! I don't suppose you have "hard sci-fi concept art" on your CV of artistic expertise do you?

I've been . A lot. I've finished the rules for my hard sci-fi (think Neill Blomkamp meets The Expanse) and I'm on to the fluff now. I just finished three days of work on the timeline, it needs a few gaps filling in and some editing now, before adding to the layout. It's. Hard. Work. But I'm making fantastic progress. Soon I'll be moving on to playtesting and sourcing some paid art (maybe with the help of the fediverse). 2022, here I come.

End of year... 

@k Sums my feelings up pretty well matey. Catch you on the flip side.

@fasciation Thank you and no problem, even if it is just me and you most of the time. πŸ˜‚ Best wishes for the New Year.

@omnicaritas Thanks Tim, have a good'un. Shocking how quickly it disappears innit?

'tis my birthday. I know, I know. I'm 49 today, which is a magickal number as it is equal to 7*7. 49 is also, coincidentally, the number of mouthfuls of Stollen my gob is going to consume today. Bollocks to the diet. Have a good one, folks. ❀️

@sexybiggetje I'm not sure we ever find a purpose in life, but we can certainly steer ourselves in the right direction. I'm 49 in a week's time and I still don't "get it", but I've learned a lot about myself and my place in the universe in the last decade.

For me, it's about living life simply and well. Establishing personal boundaries, removing the noise and complexity from my environment and, a little at a time, my path became clearer. And the most difficult thing? Learning self-love.

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