Pet peeve of the day: not understanding what a depressant is and authoritatively stating to others that it means that it makes you depressed.

Yes, alcohol is a depressant. Yes, depression can be comorbid with alcohol abuse. But...

I've had this gathering dust for a long time. Seems right to open it now and enjoy some of the foundations of my geek youth.

My Dwarf Cleric is down in the first round of combat (thanks to our Rolemaster-meets-D20 house combat system). 155 points of damage in one breath attack (halved due to Plate of Lightning Resistance, not that it helped).

Fortunately, today is the day he retires, one way or another!

Morning. Should be a fun day. Might stay indoors and read a book.

It's World Mental Health Day.

Talk to each other. Talk to a stranger. You don't have to be alone in a crisis.

Not everyone has the spoons to talk or listen and that's okay. But sometimes just a stick is all you need. Don't take my word for it, take Boggle the Owl's.

Be safe. ❀️

Well, as it IS September and no doubt we'll start seeing the movies coming on soon (stolen shamelessly from Reddit)


Okay, I'll bite. I appear to be some kind of progressive, transhuman, eco-leaning Marxist. Sounds about right.

I also visited the park that sits on top of the massive Victorian cemetery that many of those that died in the slum that inspired my were interred in, today.

Took some photos, thought about the place and how quiet and beautiful it was. It's the first time I've visited the place I've read so much about. It felt familiar.

When you're working on your and realise it's going to be even more leftie than you initially imagined...

I have to say, now I'm getting the hang of using Serif's new DTP product, Affinity Publisher, I'm really enjoying it. Much more intuitive than PagePlus ever was and feels like a graphical tool as much as is it does, publishing software.

I'm not used to hard exercise. That was a hard course (2h20m of climbing, swings, nets, steel cable walks, 450m zip lines etc.) Seriously considering taking up climbing/bouldering again to improve my core, general fitness and mindfulness.

I ache. Tomorrow will be worse. πŸ˜‚

Shitballs. Incoming, fellow Northerners! Looks like it might be like the one the other night. πŸ˜œβš‘β›ˆοΈπŸŒž

Well, I managed a little lifepath writing this morning at least. I might work to make this a little less criminal and just more street-focused. We'll see.

2.7 million on a head shot from Nemesis after today's patch is nice. Up from 2.2 Mill before. πŸ˜‚

My Father's Day present: The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt. Looks to be interesting.

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