In other news, I did start implementing "conning mobs" of a sort for my . Voila, one dynamic sensor threat analysis suite (aka minimap).

Started work on my UI (right side-panel). Trying to get my head into that whole edgy ANSI-art vibe I obsessed over in my dial-up BBS days. Everything in the side-bar is static so far, with the exception of the mission time (now I have action turns implemented properly).

ECS is such a cool design pattern. That was WAY easier than I could have imagined.

update. Today I:

- Ported the project to .NET Core 2.1.
- Added JSON language files, a Settings class and a string loader, so text doesn't need to be hard-coded into the source any more and the game supports future localisation.
- Implemented simple terrain types, adding different glyphs and background colours depending on whether a cell is in FOV or not.
- Added a PlayerCharacter Component with a FOV property and changed FOV logic to use a radius (default: 10 cells).

Tired. Bed. Wanted to do some coding tonight but my brain is like fudge. WFH tomorrow at least, plus plenty of mince pies in the house. G'night.

Seasonal 🤣 Scribbling notes with a festive scented candle burning and NOW Christmas on TV, as a roast cooks in t'oven for tea tonight. Ho, ho, ho. 🎄

More fiddling tonight, though I've had a rough day so I think I'll leave the rest for now.

The map remains unexplored until your character "sees" an area (the lighter ray-casting), then it greys out when it's no longer in the FOV.

Infinite FOV but easily tweakable to use a radius instead.

Procedurally generated "dungeons" and basic collision detection done!

I really need to be giving some thought to the bigger picture, but I'm having fun in the meantime.

I guess the next step is to decide whether to use fixed-width maps and join them up (like Caves of Qud does) or generate one much larger map and use a restricted viewport.

Well, that's the basics of messages done now and I've got some ideas for the game itself.

Strings are truncated to the width of the message area, which is a bit crap, but it is a POC at the moment. Colours are managed by a custom attribute on an enum + some basic Reflection code.

Next I'll move onto maps and collision detection. Not sure whether to run something up myself or use a library.

I woke at 5.30am so spent half an hour relaxing to some awesome, positive ASMR and then got up for coffee and a bit of RogueLike noodling before getting the kids up for school.

Not bad for half an hour of fiddling about, even if I do say so myself!

Ugh. Because I NEEDED to get hooked on another game right now. 🤣

New reading material, as recommended by the IAPT assessor I spoke to yesterday.

It's time for our monthly session. Have at you! ⚔️

Bed at 7.45pm. It's been one of those days / weeks. I have an open weekend though so cinema with @Jo is on the list, as is some writing and techie stuff.

G'night Fediverse.

Music on loop today. The late 80s classic post-punk album "Thunder and Consolation" by the fantastic New Model Army.

Hanging around in a virtual world, drinking my virtual morning coffee, while drinking my morning coffee in the real world and piholing my Pi Zero W.

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