Well, sayonara Night City. 92 hours later I've finished my first playthrough on the XSX. It was gorgeous, beautifully written and an outstanding realisation of a city and characters I've loved for 33 years. It meant a lot to me. It has its bugs and the way in which CDPR management handled its premature launch is horrendous (not to mention other aspects of the company culture, best left to a separate toot), but it was a powerful storytelling experience. I'm looking forward to my next visit. 😎

Enjoyed today's sobriety app pledge motivational. πŸ™β€οΈ

And my marathon CP2077 session comes to an end. I've put in maybe 40-50 hours since Thursday evening, performance issues and all (Xbox One S, though the kids are playing on PC and it looks gorgeous).

I have over three decades of the 'punk universe in my blood, most from running the TTRPG. Night City and its stories have been a part of my life and gaming friendships since I was a teenager in the '80s, and I've fallen in love with the game and many of its characters, bugs, warts and all.

Today's sourdough! 800g organic flour (10% rye), 10g salt, 500g water, 300g levain.

Started yesterday with a 1 hour autolyse, added the levain and kneaded in. Four folds, 30 minutes apart. Shape and ferment for another 3 hours, shape again and 14 hours overnight in the fridge in bannetons. Dutch oven and ice cubes at 450F for 30 minutes, then 30 minutes with the lid off.

Pretty chuffed at the results.

My bread-fu is improving. Since lockdown v1 I've been dabbling with baking bread, including growing a sourdough starter ("Doughbi-wan"). Applying more of my undergraduate microbiology skills than anything else.

This is the result of an improvised recipe using starter discard after I fed him last night + overnight proofing that didn't seem to do much. Looks good.

Breadmaking is also my go-to when my mental health is poor or my vulnerabilities are high. I recommend it.

Working on learning to make sourdough now. Made a starter over a week or so ago and utterly failed on my first attempt other than on the taste. Tried again today. Amazing structure, flavour and crust but still a pretty pathetic rise. I'll try a longer prove I think, probably overnight in the fridge.

Pet peeve of the day: not understanding what a depressant is and authoritatively stating to others that it means that it makes you depressed.

Yes, alcohol is a depressant. Yes, depression can be comorbid with alcohol abuse. But...

I've had this gathering dust for a long time. Seems right to open it now and enjoy some of the foundations of my geek youth.

My Dwarf Cleric is down in the first round of combat (thanks to our Rolemaster-meets-D20 house combat system). 155 points of damage in one breath attack (halved due to Plate of Lightning Resistance, not that it helped).

Fortunately, today is the day he retires, one way or another!

Morning. Should be a fun day. Might stay indoors and read a book.

It's World Mental Health Day.

Talk to each other. Talk to a stranger. You don't have to be alone in a crisis.

Not everyone has the spoons to talk or listen and that's okay. But sometimes just a stick is all you need. Don't take my word for it, take Boggle the Owl's.

Be safe. ❀️

Well, as it IS September and no doubt we'll start seeing the movies coming on soon (stolen shamelessly from Reddit)


Okay, I'll bite. I appear to be some kind of progressive, transhuman, eco-leaning Marxist. Sounds about right.

I also visited the park that sits on top of the massive Victorian cemetery that many of those that died in the slum that inspired my were interred in, today.

Took some photos, thought about the place and how quiet and beautiful it was. It's the first time I've visited the place I've read so much about. It felt familiar.

When you're working on your and realise it's going to be even more leftie than you initially imagined...

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