Some screen dumps from my in-development free Perihelion, laid out with Affinity Publisher and with thanks to all the lovely people who mark their amazing artwork as .

Not TOO bad for a fella with very little artistic skill, even if I do say so myself.

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@andy Tip: You should increase the line-height of the copy text. It's too dense and hard to read.

Also make sure text above or below images ends on the same line (second screenshot).

@frederic Cheers. Yeah, I wasn't sure about the text height. It's currently 10pt, which I dropped from 12pt when I started finally working out how to use the baseline grid.

Unbalanced columns are an issue in a number of places. It's on my TODO when I do the next pass at editing to fiddle the wordage around a bit so they disappear.

@andy 10pt is fine for copy text, just increase the leading a bit (maybe ~120%).

It really helps to print out a page and compare the text flow, margins and text size/leading with other books.

@frederic Thanks for the solid advice, I'll have a play around this weekend. I printed out the first 50 pages a while back (mainly so I'd have something glossy for playtesting) but never thought to sit it next to other books and compare, good call.

@andy When you're working with lots of text only on screen all day, it's often hard to get the right feeling for what it will look like in print. Also if you get tired reading longer passages or your eyes start to drift while reading, you know something is still "off" and you have to tune the layout further.

@frederic Makes sense. I'm a programmer by profession and love data, so it absolutely doesn't bother me having a dense mass of data on a page to parse through. As a cross-section of one, though, this is not a good statistical set for use as a focus group. 😆

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