Dear #fedi. How does one actually find one's purpose in life?

I have been searching for what makes me happy in general for years. I have baggage, and at some point I accepted that I would never be happy. I'm now back to what, how, and why.

Serious answers only please.


@sexybiggetje I'm not sure we ever find a purpose in life, but we can certainly steer ourselves in the right direction. I'm 49 in a week's time and I still don't "get it", but I've learned a lot about myself and my place in the universe in the last decade.

For me, it's about living life simply and well. Establishing personal boundaries, removing the noise and complexity from my environment and, a little at a time, my path became clearer. And the most difficult thing? Learning self-love.

@andy as for living simply, I thought that was interesting so let me highlight that.

I need to unclutter (I have too much things), but I made great progress on my food/drinking habits. I only drink water/tea/coffee, and eat simple good vegetarian and preferably organic food. That's one part of simplifying done.

Thanks for your thorough answer!

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