One year sober (and caffeine free). Woop woop, or something. 🎉 Same time next year?

Oh, and the garden has erupted with vegetables and fruit. More on that when I can get outside (if the constant rain ever stops).

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@andy did you stop both alcohol and caffeine at the same time? that's quite an achievement!

@stardot Yeah (barring the occasional bottle of coke over the last year). No coffee, no tea (except green tea).

I do wonder if quitting caffeine made giving up the booze easier, with alcohol being a depressant and caffeine a stimulant, the absence of both meant neither could mess with my nervous system much. It was certainly a smoother transition than the last time I attempted a sober lifestyle (18 months, 2017-2018).

@andy it may have, personally I find both substances are the cause of and solution to background anxiety so quitting both could break the cycle.

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