The Body Keeps The Score.

It really, really does. I had a rough encounter yesterday with someone with a history of abuse towards my family. This person tends to avoid me (I assume because I'm not an easy target) but decided otherwise yesterday. Bad idea. I retained my composure and handled the situation well (I think) but it impacted me for the rest of the day. By the time the evening hit, my mind was fine but my body was still coiled, tense, and I could feel those physical effects of 1/2


my Fight kicking in. Just like it did six years ago. Just like I talked over with my trauma therapist. The exact. Same. Feelings. I managed them, so that's good. They no longer take control of me and remain there, energised and angry and waiting. But today I feel _exhausted_ and totally devoid of energy.

I guess the physical effects of trauma may never leave. I'm okay with that, it is what it is. I can manage and cope and not let it dominate me. But yes.

The Body Keeps The Score.


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I really does affect us (some would say the etheric body first, then the physical).

Either way some 'blows' are certainly tougher than others.

I was listening to a talk the other day about Samskaras - the fact that they're all, in the end, impersonal and some run very deep because they are linked to the 'collective' more densely than others.

Heady stuff, but made sense to me.

Great that the feelings didn't take control. Kudos!

@omnicaritas Ha! Now you've got me thinking about my Karma. I better scrub myself clean before I pass anything on to the next poor soul. (I kid!)

I guess in a way, that's one interpretation that certain modern religions take; they're not concerned about rebirth as such, but they're intensely focused on ensuring that their non-physical self is "pure" in readiness for whatever comes next (albeit they're doing it for personal and some would say, selfish reasons, not the greater good).

I've been looking into all that over the last few days coincidentally enough.

You probably know all this, but 'karma' actually means movement.

So all duality [all manifest world(s)] are karma! It's not like a personal record book of deeds or behaviour.

I suspect religions put their different version of that in place to as a means of control. :)

Any road, I prefer that explanation 😁

@omnicaritas It's not something I've looked into to any extent, but yeah Karma as all-encompassing cause-effect-influence is something I've come across. Maybe I need to dust off some books this weekend, given that I can't see myself getting out into the garden. 😆 Good stuff!

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