Bit of an odd one. Some piano music just appeared on Deezer and reminded me of something.

When I was seeing a therapist back in 2019, in the first 10 minutes of our first session we talked about trauma and healing. He mentioned that yoga has a really high success rate in assisting with releasing "locked up" trauma. The shit your nervous system keeps hold of like a coiled memory.

I remember walking back from my first yoga lesson, listening to this song and suddenly bursting into tears. 1/n

The weird feeling I get when I listen to this song now is wholly pleasant. It's calming and it takes me inside myself and into a good place. Not at all upsetting (and to be honest, when I was crying my eyes out at it, walking in the dark, I couldn't explain WHY I was crying).

People forget the connection between the mind and the body, whether it's diet (the brain-gut connection) or our experiences. Our nervous systems have memory and unprocessed trauma can sit in there for years. Decades. 2/n

I guess I don't have a point. My therapist would be happy though, I slipped into an emotional place when that music came on and that's a good thing for a guy that used to spend far too much time as a hyper-vigilant guardian of his pack.

If anything, don't neglect your physical self when you're working on your emotional/mental self. The two are inextricably linked, from what you shove into your mouth to how you hold and move your body. Move your mind and body in unison.

And try yoga.



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