So it turns out you can play a bazillion songs once you've learnt C, G, F and Am on the ukelele. Hardest part is getting used to finger strumming and holding it in position, though my other skills from playing guitar seem to transfer pretty easily.

It's a doddle really, isn't it? Must whip mine out again soon! :)

@thelonius Yeah. 😁Also nice to play nylon strings again for the first time in many decades. I started playing guitar as a teenager after messing with an old, battered classical that belonged to one of my older brothers. I'd forgotten how warm nylons sounds, even on a plinky little uke.

That's one of the things that really grabbed me about the Uke - soft, friendly sound.

Here's me (24 / 25 seconds in - centre foreground, yellow shirt) in 2009 Guinness Book of Records attempt at most Ukes playing at once in one location:

I was a great laugh and everyone was so friendly.

Cured me of any traces of Claustrophobia too ;)

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