My bread-fu is improving. Since lockdown v1 I've been dabbling with baking bread, including growing a sourdough starter ("Doughbi-wan"). Applying more of my undergraduate microbiology skills than anything else.

This is the result of an improvised recipe using starter discard after I fed him last night + overnight proofing that didn't seem to do much. Looks good.

Breadmaking is also my go-to when my mental health is poor or my vulnerabilities are high. I recommend it.

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@andy Btw I hope you're ok and that the breadmaking therapy works.

@Gina Yeah, I'm good thanks. Clean, sober me is remarkably good on the mental health side. And if a low hits, I have plenty of strategies I know that work (like bread!)

I guess it ticks three of the Five Ways to Wellbeing (learn new skills, give to others and practice mindfulness).

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