Day 60 and I'm really enjoying it. More clarity and moments of self-awareness, especially regarding my relationship with alcohol. I'm listening to Annie Grace's "This Naked Mind" as well, which is reinforcing many of the conclusions I'm coming to, as well as some things I've known for longer than I would normally admit. It's a weird combination of metaprogramming, NLP and liminal thinking but I'm enjoying it.

Congratulations! 🍺

I'll have to check that (book) out. Do you have much experience of NLP, Andy?

I managed to 'win' a free session with this guy which was potentially life-changing:

@thelonius Cheers! None, just theory I've read around.

The premise of the book is that alcohol addiction starts from our earliest exposure to it, is normalised by society and our upbringing and is therefore subconscious. So to quit it consciously, we need to rewire that subconscious connection. Attempting not to creates dissonance as the conscious and subconscious become conflicted, which leads to pain and turmoil ("it's an endless battle" c.f. AA/12 Steps) and often, relapse.

This sounds a promising approach. Will definitely check it out.

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