Received a random invite to ("jump the beta queue, we reserved your username") as a replacement to since I burned my account after the Zoom acquisition.

Anyone know anything about it?

Yes, they’re spamming half of the internet with their proprietary stuff. I guess the big acquisition of Keybase “inspired” some people to spin some keybase clones in hopes of a big return (Cyph is not the only one I’ve seen spamming people).

If you really want a decentralized Keybase alternative take a look at they even don’t have user accounts! (the only metric VC funded startups like to maximize to look good on papers for potential investors).

@wiktor Cheers for the reply. That's enough to put me off even considering them. 👍

@andy looks interesting. I've found a few reddit posts asking the same question and I think the consensus is that it looks reasonable with no obvious flaws or issues. They are open source too.

That said they have been contacting people using their public keybase profile to solicit their service after the zoom acquisition..that's a little bit shady

@_ Yeah, that last thing puts me right off. Seems pretty dumb to espouse privacy then scrape a competitors site for data.

And given that I burned my Keybase account over a month and a half ago, they've sat on that data for a while.

@andy One thing I don't understand though is that I don't know how they would get your email address from keybase (unless you verified it and it was public?).
BTW, Keybase can't delete any of your information because it's stored on a public ledger. They can only mark is as 'no longer valid'.

@_ Ahhh, didn't know that. Lemme guess, a dumb blockchain implementation?

@andy bingo. Might be worth checking to see if cyph does the same sort of thing too

@andy would this be of any use to you?

t'is quite similar to keybase regarding (en/de)crypting / signing / verifying etc but without the messaging

@_ Looks interesting, cheers mate. I'll check it out.

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