I shit you not, I set up a Twitter account yesterday to start getting some visibility for my , followed a bunch of reputable game designers and writers I know, and the first thing I see when I open it this morning is a genuine, overt, in-your-face Nazi fuck preaching free speech and tolerance for the intolerant.

This is why I quit Twitter in the first place. Fuck me. At least its cemented my decision to put a foreword in the rulebook about gender, politics and inclusivity. Fuck all Nazis.

It's a genuine shit shower of a place. I have an account, but have 2 small lists : one "general" and one for "therapy-related stuff".

@thelonius At least it's made me angry. I write better when I'm angry. 😆

@thelonius @andy if you're up for sharing it, what is the new twitter handle?

@_ @thelonius No worries mate, it's not at all interesting yet, it's more an excuse to do some low-level self publicising (not that I expect or even particularly want to make any money out of the game).

@andy @thelonius cheers both.
I had a similar idea Andy so I have a twitter account set that I've not gotten around to using yet. I'll give you both a follow later when I'm on my other machine

@_ @thelonius Sorry gents, I nuked the account. Returning to Twitter was a dumb idea. At least I got a couple of angry paragraphs out of it, so not a total net loss. 😆

@andy @_

No prob. It's feckin' awful. As I said, I have a list (well, 2 small lists) with just a handful of followers on each.

If I'm really honest, I could do without it.

@andy I'm working on an indie ttrpg (#kabalor) but the Twitter turdfest is so antithetical to the goals of the game that I've decided it's not worth creating a Twitter account. The number of good folks I'll reach maintaining that account & dealing with the abuse & awfulness is less than the number I can reach elsewhere using the positive energy I have from not being on Twitter and constantly drained. (Fuck all Nazis.)

@andy Also, THANK YOU for posting this. I had been having a whiny voice in the back of my head telling me I must do the done thing and go back to the evil birdsite. Seeing your "been there, done that, yuck" experience has given me the confidence to decide on a hard "Nope."

@metagrrrl You're right. I just nuked the account. It was a bad call on my part and I was already feeling uncomfortable.

I should be confident enough to acknowledge my writing, world and mechanics stand on their own merit and not feel the desire to feel validated by other designers and writers. There's an element of toxicity in that echo chamber as well, which is unpleasant. Plus increasingly not-okay behaviours.

I'll check Kabalor out, always love reading about other people's worlds. 👍

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