Going dry. One day at a time. Day four and up at 5.30am to do some writing. Why do I always forget that this is one of the benefits of not drinking. Or more accurately, one of the problems of drinking is NOT having the energy or focus to get up early and write or do other things. My goal is to beat my previous record of 18 months without booze (and hopefully, carry on after that).

@andy I consider myself lucky, I don't like the taste or the effects of alcohol. Plus, every time I see one, I remember that I will probably have to run of an hour to burn off all those concentrated calories. 😜 🏃

@mookie Exercise, lol. 😆 That's also one of the reasons I'm working on improving things; lockdown hasn't done my fitness any good at all.

@andy lol. Take care of yourself. I wrote this six years ago about my health at that point and my battles.

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