Well, not been feeling great for a few days (enough to be off work) and the mild cough has moved onto my chest overnight. Also hot, exhausted and aching. Called 111. A week for me, two weeks for wife (NHS worker) and kids, test kits in the post.

Frustrating as I've been absolutely anal about lockdown. Only thing I can think of is I went for a walk for the first time in seven weeks, last Thursday.

Bollocks. Ah well.



Feeling improved, but gotta do four tests tonight (me, wife and both boys). Wife now making a Victoria Sponge as a reward to the family for swabbing tonsils and shoving said swabs up each of our noses (after 9pm). 😂❤️🍰


Woop. All tests came back negative. No idea what wiped me out, especially as @Jo has had the same symptoms. Back to "normal" then. 🤔

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