Rough few days and woke up with a temperature this morning, so called in sick and popped a Clobazam. Slept until 1.30pm and currently my brain feels like fudge and I find it difficult to form sentences. Fun with benzodiazepine!


Slightly more compos mentis now.

To be clear, these are prescribed meds. I have Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and even though a grew out if it in my early 20s, it resurfaced a few years ago.

High fever can bring on dyscognitive seizures (absences) so rather than go back to taking Carbamazepine every day for the rest of my life, I pop Clobazam whenever there is a risk of seizure. Does the job by turning me into a zombie. 😂

Talk about the Zombie effect. I took lithium for 12 years and my Husband said I was more responsible & less emotional. He said I was a calm, responsible Zombie..

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