Woke at 4am to find eldest not home. He rolls in half an hour later looking like he lost a fight with a pavement, which he had.

Cycling home from the pub, not even the worse for wear, pedestrian steps out in front of him and he brakes hard and flips over the bars. Two sets of stitches, lots of abrasions, 3 hours in A&E. He's okay but looks terrible. He's going to have a rough time at work today.

Sigh. Hail Eris!

@realcaseyrollins Discordia. The Goddess of Strife, Chaos and Disorder. She-who-fucks-with-your-shit-when-you-least-expect-it. Unmaker of things that are made. Bender of self-formed Reality Tunnels. Baker of noodles. The Umentionable One (unless you want to mention Her, which is fine, just be careful, She might be watching).

(c.f. Discordianism)

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