Ngggh so I've posted something in our company app about being tired of carrying an entire department by myself, which led to a call from my manager announcing that I'm officially being called in sick and that I have to visit the company doctor.

Fine, I'll take a few days off but honestly who even has time for this. I'm a make it happen person. I'm not the type to sit at home. I've always had demanding jobs, 50 hour workweeks and combined study with work. What even is this nonsense. :/



@Gina YOU have time for it. You've hit some arbitrary limit and you need to take a step back and rest. It's not weakness or vulnerability, it's taking care of yourself.


I have one of those. Sometimes it's pretty full and it doesn't take much for it to overflow. Sometimes I can keep adding to it and it's fine, it has plenty of room for more.

Take a few days to remove some pebbles from your bucket. No shame in that. 馃憤

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