Masculinity discourse, question to mostly men, boosts+ 

What is masculinity actually meant to be though? I think we have done some good work (which must continue!,) to gain understanding of what it should NOT be... but what SHOULD it be? Any opinions? (preferably from men/masc people, non-men welcome too). Asking *As A Men*.

Masculinity discourse, question to mostly men, boosts+ 

@restioson It's a difficult question. The cop-out answer is that I find it easier to explain what it isn't, which are those tropes and behaviours we abhor and know to be wrong (boys don't cry, man up, grow a pair, dominate the household, rule with a firm hand, etc.)

The book "At My Father's Wedding" helped me with some insights into what masculinity means to me.

The first step to understanding? Truly love yourself.


Masculinity discourse, question to mostly men, boosts+ 

@restioson It's no longer 6am and I'm out and about, so I can think more about this. Personally speaking...

Knowing when to be strong but also understanding when being so isn't needed or welcome.

Understanding and accepting my vulnerabilities.

Being able to ask for help.

Accepting and loving the feminine in me as much as the masculine.

Being a daddy, a brother a lover and a little boy (thanks, Mr Big).


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