My head is a bit of a mess. I assume it's a good mess, but it doesn't feel very nice. It's a good thing I worked from home yesterday as inexplicably bursting into tears at my keyboard is probably the sort of thing that would get me sent home anyway. 😂

Maybe I should take the General Manager up on his suggestion of a short break while the trauma therapy is doing whatever the fuck it seems to be doing.

Morning, Andy. Hope you have an easier time of it today.

@andy Ohh, I felt that. I hope it was mentioned that this is quite a normal reaction (but do 'check it out' with them next session). Like fixing a broken nose, sometimes you have to rebreak it again so that it can heal better. And you know healing takes time. Wishing you all the positive stuff today.

@andy take the break. Seriously. Call, say thanks for the offer, take it, say thanks again, put phone down.
Breath out.
Hug @Jo
Take care

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