Gonna grit my teeth, sharpen my billhook and attack the front garden today. Yeah, you heard me: billhook.

(useful side effect: a twelve inch, 2 lb, curved, one-edged blade tends to reduce the incident of tutting, muttering and general passive-aggressive behaviour from nearby NIMBYs.)


More serious meta-discourse.

Having woken up a little more, listened to some relaxing music and done some design work, I've thought some more on this.

As much as I have issues with the "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind", I need to stop being a slave to my reactionary, tit-for-tat emotions.

If approached by said NIMBYs, I'll try to break the cycle. Thank them for their interest and help. Try and return positive energy where they transmit negative. And try, with sincerity. ☮️

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