It feels like I'm hitting another period of self-enlightenment where I "get it". As always, the tricky bit is reining in and then ignoring my Ego as it does its best to screw things up.

Would be really interested to hear more about this sometime, Andy.

@tim 👍 Nothing revolutionary and if anything, somewhat tangentially related to some comments you've made recently. Pushing through that conditioned fear response, often to find my Ego shoves emotions in my face that try to hold me back. It's a new skill that takes energy and practice to apply.

@tim Happy to chat at more length but it'll be tonight after I get in from work.

That would be great.
I always find it more fruitful to chat in realtime on the phone, skype, wire, zoom or similar - if you're up for it?

@tim Sorry Tim, I've been shattered after work this week so have been trying to get an early night.

I don't have any of those things any more, a result of trying to simplify my life and especially, online presence - barring running this Masto instance (and I keep my mobile number private for lots of not very nice reasons, none of which are a product of you or anyone else in my current digital space). I'll have a think and work something out, it would be good to chat.

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