I really need to work some more on my Victorian cottonpunk tabletop RPG rules and setting to take advantage of all the 'punk fever. 😎😜

@fasciation You've heard of steampunk? Cottonpunk is what I'm calling a fictional subgenre of the "punk" literary genre for a tabletop RPG I've been writing.

The punk angle comes from the way in which technological progress in Victorian England cost people in terms of their health and ripping the schism between haves and have-nots even wider. Social conflict, capitalism, workers rights, etc.

@fasciation The cotton industry drove the industrial revolution. It all happened not far from where I live as well. The first automated processes that led to technological leaps were all driven by the cotton industry. Even political ideals such as those touted by Marx and Engels have their roots in it. I'm just wrapping a game about social upheaval and revolution around it all. 😁

@andy that's so cool that you took inspiration where you live! and that sounds so much fun i really wanna play!

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