I'm finding all the hype over CP2077 kind of weirdly dissonant. I started running CP back in 1988 and it quickly became my core game. I GM'd it on and off for decades. To see people enthused by the game, who weren't born when we were angry post-punks speculating that this is how the world would go, whilst simultaneously living in a world now that mirrored the fiction back then, is freaky cool and scary bizarre.

@andy CP2020 is probably the game I've spent the most effort on acquiring.

I saw the main rules in the window of an indie shop but they'd closed down by the time I went back, so I ended up calling the shop near my grandmother and having her pick it up.

I also made at least two bus trips to other cities specifically to look for supplements I didn't have.

Post-Amazon gamers have no idea what it was like.

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