Finally crafted Nemesis in The Division 2 this morning. Base damage is over 400K with my marksman kit on. It's fantastic though is taking so practice to perfect, with the power-up effect and scope drift now I can't use the digital scope. One shotting Elites is fun. Pity it makes the .50 cal redundant.

@andy WTH!?!?! I WANT!! (I just hit level 30 today. lol)

@mookie Just the grind to Tier 5 and at least two runs of Tidal Basin plus four invasipn cycles and it can be yours! I think I got lucky on the damage rolls. That or my kit is really buffing it.

@mookie One day, time zones permitting, somehow, we should hook up in game for an hour. I promise not to be too British and sweary. 😉

@andy Ha! I promise not to be too American and sweary :) What's your Xbox Gamer Tag? I'm "ultramookie".

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