It seems that instead of occasional, traumatic nightmares I'm now getting a more constant, low-level dreamstate that includes obvious threat symbolism.

So instead of waking up and wanting to rip out my amygdala, it's just an underlying sense of threat and my inner predator-self perks his ears up and looks to see if the pack is safe.

I KNOW the pack is safe.

Thanks, brain.

@andy I don't get them whilst asleep but as my head hits the pillow I often get invasive thoughts about the many horrible things that could happen and what we'd need to do, how we'd cope and the helplessness of certain situations. Fun times.
You know the pack is safe but you still gotta check just to be sure..

Yeah, it's the creeping feeling that something is wrong when my rational self knows it isn't. Not at all pleasant.

On my nightmares and dreams, they often have their roots in a traumatic event that Jo experienced and that significantly affected myself back in 2015. One of the reasons I should hopefully be starting counselling in the next month or so. I'm mostly okay: I just need some help with the bits of me that aren't.

@andy you'll get there mate, hopefully the counselling will get you sorted or at the very least give you a starting point/some insight :)

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