I'm watching Pilgrimage on BBC2. I watched an episode of this before and found it fascinating. This is...soothing and contemplative, though the idea of a pilgrimage of sorts is quite appealing to me in the place I'm in at the moment.

I'm not religious. It's complicated. At best I describe myself as an "eclectic agnostic polytheist". Raised CofE. Practiced witchcraft and shamanism for a long time. Always Discordian, except when not. A scientist.

Like I said, complicated. 🙄

@andy Religion fills a lot of human needs. Sometimes it’s more (or less) difficult to scratch those itches when one is atheist or has a complicated relationship with religion.

IMHO, it’s good to jump on trains that are going the direction you want to go, even if you don’t want to take them all the way to the end.

I’m an atheist, but sometimes I participate a little in friends’ religions, and it usually helps me feel safer or happier or more connected.

Yeah, absolutely agree. I think as long as I'm exploring, questioning and learning, I'll be happy.

@andy I really like Zen’s philosophy, which invites individuals to explore and verify things for themselves. Plus, not exactly a religion.

Sometimes I am into Tarot. It can be a relaxing way to think through some random aspect of my life. Also not a religion.

But, I worry about cultural appropriation, using individual practices without believing or practicing the usually associated religion. I haven’t figured out what I think about this.

@andy Do you think you might do a pilgrimage of some sort?

@plasma We used to run a community website for pagans back in the late '90s. One of the questions we were ALWAYS being asked was "how do I become a witch?" My reply was always the same: "Read Crowley and Starhawk. Now study the Qu'ran and the Bible. Now spend a month in silent meditation on a Zen koan of your choosing..." You get the idea.

Unless you're figuratively (or literally) walking on sacred ground, I wouldn't personally worry about appropriation. Faith is as subjective as reality.

@plasma Not at all sure about the pilgrimage. I'd like to, probably as a way of working on person self development and my core values (spending time alone, as much as I love my family, is important to me). But as with all thing, it's finding the time and sorting out the logistics. Maybe once I've got my life in a bit more order.

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