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I'm Andy and I'm the admin of

My interests are covered in my profile. On I've briefly known the Black Dog in the past and work hard to keep him on a leash. My wife lives with bundled with and (though has a grip on all of them) and her illnesses are one of the things that drive me to be so passionate about support and care. Which is why I set up this Masto instance; a safe place to socialise and chat. ๐Ÿ‘

My therapist was right. When I leap into (higher cognitive) action, I'm fucking awesome. Like a soaring eagle looking down and seeing all.

The trick is to only keep my eyes upon the things I need to and to know when it's time to land.

Working on it. ๐Ÿฆ…

@ideasmithy Mindfulness is helpful is keeping you grounded in the now. Which in turn prevents the pendulum of thoughts from swinging too widely and erratically. The whole idea of healthy mental process is not about avoiding negative emotions (we need them) but to prevent those emotions from becoming dysfunctional for us. So anxiety prepares you for challenge but shouldnโ€™t overwhelm you. Anger keeps you pointed in the moral north but should become destructive. Mindfulness helps that! Makes sense?

How boomers saw gen-x (in 1990): okay whiny I can concede, but penny loafers?

All of my EPs and Albums are now available to download free of charge / pay what you want from #Bandcamp - including my "Retrospective" album of earlier work with 50+ tracks.

Breathing and observing your breathing is SO important. I'm rubbish at this, must try harder.

Any Java devs that can point me at best practices for global constants? I've a Spring app I've inherited, have to compare some values at runtime against magic strings (customer codes) for some conditional logic, but don't want to embed them deep in the API.

(I'm not a Java developer by trade and haven't really touched it in 20 years.)

Boosts welcome!

A healthy, safe welcome to newcomers to - if you have any questions about the instance, Mastodon or the Fediverse in general, ask away!

I hope you're doing as well as you can, whatever your circumstances. โค๏ธ

I did it! The official PDF version of the GUTS+ Rule Book is now released and available to purchase for $4.99!

I also made a post about what makes it special since the rules are already available on the website for free:

I think it turned out great! If you end up buying it, please let me know what you think, too!

#GUTSPlus #RPG #ruleBook #boostsWelcome

Just saw an advert for the new Tesco Clubcard Plus. Subscription based discounts on (selected) basic requirements for living...if you spend enough. Are people really this stupid? (Rhetorical question.)

A bit behind the times but I just watched Solo. Really fun, some nice side references and overall an enjoyable Star Wars romp.

Did you just lose 100m customer SSNs because your root password was "password", you set an S3 bucket to public or you didn't patch a well known vulnerability for 8 months? Worry not! Our free excuse generator will help you develop an air-tight breach statement in no time!

"The fucking advanced persistent threats used weaknesses in our vendors to make a mess.
But we have since watched the movie #hackers 8 times back to back, so it will never happen again." #infosec

Mince Pies for breakfast is fine. It's all fine.

Gone to bed early as my last therapy session this morning was hard and the week is challenging enough as it is.

Fucking fireworks, of course.

Looking for a psychotherapist in Aachen, Germany 

Not sure why but Stockport railway station smells of seaweed. ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ™ƒ

On my way to my last therapy session. Nervous, but I think I'm doing okay. ๐Ÿ‘Œ

Hey UK Tooters, how easy/hard is it to get an adult referral and ADHD diagnoses on the NHS? Asking for a Tess :P

My vulns are up, probably because I slept like shit and @Jo isn't well. I hate feeling like this, as I get pissed off at everything. Trying my best to say that's okay and connect with myself, at least where the focus of my ire is legitimate. Still... ๐Ÿ™

I'm going to game for a bit and then clean and cook. That might help.

PS: emotional self, I love you and I like that you're here now, but please stop suggesting things that I know are bad courses of action, thanks.

Watching "Mindfulness Explained" on Netflix. Interesting that it references Mingyur Ripoche and the brain imaging done on him, comparing the neuroelectric activity when he is mindful to an epileptic episode. Interesting, as an epileptic that has meditated since he was a kid.

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