I’m board one minute and frustrated the next. Then I feel exhausted and have done nothing. Feel sad for no reason and end up crying. Can’t seem to get off the emotional roller coaster.

I am really enjoying this social distancing. I haven’t had time at home for years . I have been doing things like sewing, going through closets, drawers, and cleaning. If the weather is good tomorrow I plan on working in my garden. Stay healthy & safe !

There is no recovery from where I stand. I can’t believe the deceitful people I have allowed in my life!

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Hello, Yes, I am new here and so far so good. I actually feel safe posting here.

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Hello back to you as I am part of the world. Are you new here? I am somewhat new, since March, rarely have time to log on. Anyway Hello

I thought this site was for mental health education and healing with people struggling with similar issues! Now I look and there are like 5 people following me that are nothing but nasty porn links! How disappointing is that? It’s bullshit! And it pisses me off! Just to clear the air. I am not into porn! Never have been and never will be!

How do you recover from being deceived for 25 years? Straight up lied to? How insane is it that a friend would do that?

This probably will be a sounding board for me to get an issue off my mind. What I thought was a close friend just recently died. Since her death the truth about so many things have surfaced. This has all been by pure accident. I never thought she would have lied to me because of our closeness. I feel betrayed by her. I feel that she never cared as she so often said she did. I feel like she played me hard, and for what reason I will always wonder. Her lies spam our entire friendship of 25 years.

Hello To Everyone,
It’s been a while since I logged on. My situation has gotten a little better. I feel better as a result of better circumstances. I am thinking about “the calm before the storm” , which is what I feel is the state of things. So I am expecting all hell to break loose and be worse than before. Which will have a huge impact on my mental & emotional health. My goal to be strong and not let “it” affect me. I am prepared!

The time has come for me to go to work. See y’all later. Have a happy day!

If love was put in your heart to stay it wouldn’t be love until you gave it away.

Roses are blue and Violets are red,, love is like sugar it wants to stick on you

Money is only paper with ink on it!

Hello Hayden, how are you doing?
You wondered about fish. What better way than to see a picture

I got brave and added a profile picture. Of course you can’t see my eyes , so I will fill in the blank. They are very light blue.

I am interested in the type of personality referred to as Narcissist and what causes or inherited...

I have been reading the comments and i thought this was mental health issues...is it?


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