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Glad to be a part of this instance. Gonna be trying to get the hang of things in the near future. 🐘

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Self-reminder that criticism can help me grow even though it hurts 💔 💗

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Really awesome episode of again.

More open discussion of depression please BBC; and male depression and suicidality, which isn't talked about enough.

Talking is good. It's that simple. Really. 👍

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These days my waves get lost in the oceans / Seven billion swimmers, man I'm going through the motions / Sent up a flare, I need love and devotion / Traded for some faces that I never know, notion / Maybe I should try to find the old me / Take me to the places and the people that know me / Tryna just connect, thinking maybe you could show me

If there's so many people here, then why am I so lonely?

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@mookie @fuzzface I first met @Jo via telnet. 😂 That was in the latter days of The Good Internet. Before then it was all X.25 PADs and Gopher for me.

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and tonight. I'm pretty tired and it's been a long day. Mentally and emotionally fine (relatively speaking) but acutely aware that I need some quiet time to keep it that way.

Getting home to find @Jo and eldest had put a new tree up and decorated the lounge was a good start to the evening. 💖 😁

@andy surprised me with a Yankee Candle advent calendar. Currently chilling to the delicious smell of Macaron Treats!

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We teeter and oscillate between
A.) Being a heartbroken empath💔
B.) Controlling my actions/impulses🧙‍♀️
C.) Swirling in Depression😭
D.) Enraged at the injustices🤬
E.) Escape in Peaceful Meditation🔓
F.) Vent Creativity /self-expression🎶
G.)Happily Withdrawing from society😐
H.) Getting lonely so peeking in to see if it's getting better.
I.) Zoning out, fresh outta fucks
J.) Stay Calm, Let Karma Finish It

Rinse, repeat.😞

There's more, but I've already wasted this much of our time⏳

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I am here at last. Not entirely sure what to do with myself though!


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