@andy @ben Yes I agree. I was 11 or 12. Though I discovered I was allergic to most metals so as an adult actually let them close up again! I guess as long as it is her decision and it will hurt! But I made my own earrings as a teenager and all sorts. I enjoyed it! What I really really hate is people piercing 3 year olds etc where it is not a cultural thing.

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Kids are gone to school and work. @Jo is on a training course. The house is cool and quiet, except for the sound of birds in the garden. Happy Solstice, folks (if that's your thing). 🌞

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For anyone still confused:

Please remember that actual freedom of speech does not mean you have a right to a platform and listeners. Your freedom is unaffected by being muted, blocked, or banned. You’re still free to stand on whatever street corner you choose and rant at whoever will listen.

But when you’re in someone else’s house, you play by their rules. You’re there because they allow you to be, and that privilege can and will be revoked if they decide they don’t want you there.

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A nurse just brought me tea and biscuits in bed.

My wife, who is off to work.

I went to bed at 5.30pm last night after an exhausting week. I have to say, it's not an UNPLEASANT start to Saturday. 😂

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Tonight's movie was Alpha (2018) and it was a really great movie. I really liked how they created a fictional language for the film and had all the characters speaking the language -- the film is all subtitled. The visuals and cinematography in the film are breathtaking.



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I'm eating Danish Pastries with my breakfast coffee because @Jo got paid today, is a little bit zany and went to Tesco, 3 miles from our house, at 5.45am. We don't drive.

It's why I love her. 💜

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Waiting for youngest to come back from running his first session. He dropped the idea on me two days ago. So he's not really had time tu read *all the frickin' FFG Star Wars rulebooks* 😂

I'm really excited to hear how it went. And a bit nervous.

Good day to start down his GMing path as well, given the game and the date.

@andy ghost recon wildlands free to play on Xbox til 6th May xxx

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“Particularly alarming is the proportion of young adults whose mental well-being deteriorated over that time-frame. The prevalence of depressive symptoms spiked 39% among Generation Z employees (ages 18-24). While Millennials (ages 25-34) fared a bit better, they also experienced a large jump in their rate of symptoms of depression—up 24% in those five years.”



@andy Then I am pretty glad to be middle aged! 😃

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Both the boys are out enjoying the weather with their respective groups of friends. I am drinking tea and eating biscuits with @Jo whilst two rustic loaves of bread I've made are on their second prove in the afternoon sun. This is what middle-age looks like. 🌞😂

@andy @mookie One of the few shows I might be persuaded to watch twice ;)

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I hate the show New Amsterdam. It always makes me cry. And I am joking, this is one of the shows from this season that I look forward to each week. It does make me ready eyed each week though.

#tv #NewAmsterdam

@mookie Omg. I could talk to you about this for hours. Binged watched the first series. What he does in terms of system change is what I try to do in my locality in the mental health field. The board meeting regarding DBT provision is pretty much my life. I shouted YES a lot! I also went on to read the real life autobiography the series is inspired by. I wonder if there are more episodes now - will have to look!

@42656e305f6f@mastodon.gamedev.place Awwwww :(

@42656e305f6f@mastodon.gamedev.place Then rest? It's allowed:)

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